Coliban Water Streamlines SCADA and Analytics for Operational Efficiency

Coliban WaterGiven the rapid rise of automation and technology, supervisory control and data acquisition’s (SCADA) role in operations and industry is set to increase, with the industrial Internet of Things predicted to include more than 100 billion devices. 

In Australia a need for SCADA arises from its ability to reduce operational risks and offer cost efficiencies. The water industry faces difficulty maintaining and operating infrastructure despite a $2 billion fund provided by the Federal Government. And power companies struggle to meet state renewable energy targets for 2020 while operating on out-dated legacy systems. Increased competition and eroding margins in utilities, transport, government, infrastructure, resources and manufacturing means that SCADA has never been more important.

As a result, operators must not only optimise and leverage SCADA to stay ahead of the competition, but the amount of data SCADA is expected to collect, store and process must increase to meet growing needs and ensure efficient operations.

Ahead of the Eighth Annual SCADA Australia 2017 conference, Dan Smith, SCADA manager at Coliban Water, shares his insight into Coliban's three-phase SCADA improvement program that will create business-wide efficiencies by streamlining and seamlessly integrating new technology and data analytics into legacy systems. 

Smith, who manages a team of two other SCADA specialists, is responsible for all site communications and SCADA software systems, including CITECT, ClearSCADA and related network diagnostic systems.

"There will be significant benefits for the business as a whole once we completely change how we maintain assets on a daily basis," Smith said. 

Read the Coliban Water article "Creating Efficiencies by Streamlining SCADA and Integrating Analytics" where Smith explores:

  • Coliban Water’s three-phase SCADA renewal program;
  • How improved visibility and greater remote access has increased efficiency 10 fold; and
  • Creating significant cost savings with analytics and virtual data tagging. 
  •

Read Article: Coliban Water Integrates SCADA and Analytics for Greater Efficiency

Learn more at SCADA Australia 2017

SCADA Australia 2017, held 30-31 May 2017 in Melbourne, has been designed to prepare operators for the future by reducing the operational risks of automation, putting collected data to use, creating cost efficiencies and retro-fitting outdated systems with new technologies. 

Hear from SCADA expert speakers including:

  • Mike Wassell, hydraulic systems services manager, Sydney Water
  • Deva Chinnarajan, SCADA engineer, Lower Murray Water
  • Tasnim Abdel-Razaq, network control manager, South Australia Power Network
  • Robbie Cleland, SCADA and DMS administrator, United Energy and Multinet Gas
  • Kiran Ramlagan, senior SCADA systems engineer, Horizon Power
  • Andrew Di Carlo, communication control system principal engineer, Forrestfield-Airport Link
  • Mike O’Shea, general manager operations, Tasmanian Irrigation
  • Jim Baker, SCADA acquisition manager, WA Water Corporation 
  • Anshuman Bhalla, senior electrical and control systems engineer, SEQWater
  • Jason Wadsworth, project lead for UAV integration, BHP Billiton

View the agenda to see the full speaker line-up, sessions, workshops, special discounts and more!

Featuring three interactive workshops and six practical case studies from operators who have overcome SCADA challenges firsthand, the conference will provide practical solutions for optimising your SCADA networks, industrial automation, system controls, industrial monitoring, remote operations and critical controls.

Interactive SCADA Workshops:

  • Protecting Cloud Based SCADA Operations from Security Breaches 
  • The Strategic Automation of Networks to Ensure Continuing Sustainability of SCADA
  • Improving the Safety of SCADA Fail-Safe and Contingency Plans in the Wake of Increasing Automation 

Download the event agenda to learn more about the workshops, learning outcomes and facilitators.

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Hear what others have to say!

"Fantastic conference – I could see the future! Great talking to iron men who are building the future." – Alireza Noruzi, SCADA automation control engineer, Goulburn Murray Water

"Excellent networking opportunities, especially meeting SMEs from different industries." – Peyman Radnia, technical authority – ICCE (instrumentation, control, communication, electrical), Origin Energy

"Fantastic opportunity to connect with customers, vendors and consultants to exchange current information and build relationships." – Phillip Grieshaber, consultant, Hunter H2O Pty Ltd

View the agenda now to see what’s in store for you at SCADA Australia 2017!

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