The Australian Water Association's Podcast Series brings you water industry information, projects and research from professionals working in the industry. The Association also features podcast content from our members related to topics of interest across the water sector.

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Australian Water Association Podcast Channel

Wilson Xu on detoxing our waterways
Wilson Xu from GHD speaks to Damian Morgan about extracting microbeads from wastewater.                                                               
09:25 min
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Andrew Francis on delivering water infrastructure
Andrew Francis from Parkes Shire Council speaks to Damian Morgan about a multi-generational approach to delivering water infrastructure.
08:59 min
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Angus Seberry on PFAS in wastewater
Angus Seberry from Hunter Water Corporation speaks to Ellen Fanning about Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in wastewater.
10:06 min
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Ruth Fisher on odour wheels
Ruth Fisher (University of New South Wales) speaks to Ellen Fanning on improving biosolids management through the use of odour wheels.
10:05 min
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Olga Petinis on improving procurement maturity
Olga Petinis from KPMG speaks to Damian Morgan about supporting customer pricing reductions and improving procurement maturity.
08:02 min
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Stuart Khan on the future of potable reuse
Stuart Khan from the University of New South Wales speaks to Ellen Fanning on the future role of planned potable reuse in Australia.
14:05 min
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Tim Malthus on algal bloom early warning systems
Tim Malthus from CSIRO speaks to Ellen Fanning about algal bloom early warning systems.                                                                  
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Sally Williamson on stormwater for drinking water
Sally Williamson from CH2M speaks to Damian Morgan about treating stormwater for drinking purposes.                                               
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Shona Fitzgerald on liveability
Shona Fitzgerald from Sydney Water speaks to Damian Morgan about why we should care about liveability.                                         
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Dr Nina Hall on water, sanitation and hygiene
Dr Nina Hall from the University of Queensland speaks about water, sanitation and hygiene in remote Australian communities.            
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Podcasts from our members

Innovating with purpose – Colin Chapman from Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU)
Colin Chapman joins us from Queensland Urban Utilities. QUU have an active innovation program to drive an innovation culture ...            
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Empower your employees to protect against cyber crime – Andrew Bycroft from The Security Artist
Andrew Bycroft joins us from The Security Artist where they distill cyber security into concepts that every company executive ...            
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A new model for innovation – Nate Allen from Waterstart
Waterstart have developed an innovative model to assist the water industry to solve problems by working with agile solutions ...            
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