Water security concerns arise for NSW midcoast

Posted 14 December 2017

Water security concerns

Water security for NSW’s midcoast has come under the spotlight, with service providers considering water restrictions across the region as a result of an extremely dry winter. 

The region’s water usage and bulk storage for Gloucester’s water supply were topics discussed at a recent Midcoast Council meeting, with concerns raised regarding increased demand coming into the hotter months. 

And while rainfall has increased since October, the concerns point to a lack of water storage available for Gloucester’s town water supply – the Barrington River. 

Midcoast Council Water Services Director Brendan Guiney told the Gloucester Advocate that while the Barrington River has never stopped flowing over recorded history, the council is considering options for the town. 

“However, we are currently examining long-term options to improve the security of the Gloucester’s town water supply,” he said. 

“Options being considered include a dedicated off-river storage dam, or alternatively Gloucester could be connected to the Manning District Water Supply by extending the Manning network from Krambach.”

Guiney said community consultation will be the next step, once investigations of possible options is complete. 

"The costs of these options would roughly be around $12 million to $19 million and there are a number of dependent projects, including renewal or replacement of Gloucester’s water mains reticulation and reservoirs,” he said.

"After we complete further investigation, we will undertake community consultation before council will make a decision."

Council is also seeking State Government funding assistance for the project, through the Safe and Secure Water Program.

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