WA lifts ban on water activities in local river

Posted 5 December 2017

Denmark River
The WA Department of Health has lifted the ban on water activities in the Denmark River, a precaution that was recently put in place following the leak of more than 10,000L of wastewater into the waterway. 

The ban was put in place from from the South Coast Bridge downstream to Wilson Inlet in mid-November, and Water Corporation are now investigating the broken water main that caused the leak, a spokesperson told the West Australian

“A very large network can be affected by a range of things, from blockages related to things that people put down our sewer system through to infiltration of things like roots,” the spokesperson said.

“The overflow was caused by a break in a pipe that conveys wastewater from properties in Denmark to the local treatment plant for processing.”

Denmark Shire President Ceinwen Gearon said the shire would not be commenting on the matter until all discussions regarding the issue were complete. 

“We really need to have that work completed. There are people looking into it at this point in time, and when that’s completed then we will be able to give a more fulsome report,” Gearon said.