Tasmania’s water industry debates: Is innovation really that great?

Posted 13 November 2017

Is innovation really that great?
Tasmania’s water sector is set to poke their fair share of fun at innovation, as the Australian Water Association Galah Debate celebrates its 10-year anniversary with the tongue-in-cheek debate on the topic 'Being Smart about Water Is a Dumb Move'. 

Set to unfold at the 2017 Australian Water Association Tasmanian Galah Dinner, the debate is renowned for stirring up fun and giving Tasmania’s water professionals the opportunity to discuss serious topics with a light-hearted attitude. 

“The water industry is typically quite conservative – a lot of engineers, straight lines and corners,” said Australian Water Association Tasmania Committee Member Lance Stapleton. 

“But this debate builds on and emphasises what is a fairly good-humoured rivalry between the north and south of Tasmania. We have a northern team and a southern team debating a watery topic.”

Stapleton said this year’s debate topic aimed to open up discussion of the sector’s trend toward innovation. 

“We wanted to have something around innovation, but also turn it on its head. We want to give debaters the opportunity to challenge innovation,” he said. 

“While innovation can be seen as a really cool, sexy thing we are doing in the industry, we can also ask, ‘Seriously, do we need it? Or are we better off with tried and true?’"

“There are plenty of different angles people could take on this topic and our debaters will have a lot of range in how they approach it.”

Stapleton said this year’s debate will be particularly special, as aside from celebrating it’s 10th year, it will also be set in memory of the late Gary Ingram, a previous member of the Association's Tasmanian Branch and the founder of the debate. 

“Gary sadly passed away, but it will be really nice to carry on this event in Gary’s memory. It’s been going for sometime. It can get a bit crazy, but it’s also a lot of fun,” he said.

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