SA Water hits major milestone with water infrastructure upgrade project

Posted 7 November 2017

Water infrastructure upgrade
SA Water has reached a water-main milestone, completing the replacement of the first 100km of water mains in metropolitan and regional South Australia as part of a 375km water main overhaul. 

The four-year, $137 million water main replacement program aims to reduce the number of water main breaks and leaks, and limit the impact of breaks on South Australian communities. 

The amount of water main breaks in South Australia has decreased by 24% since 2016, with the reduction in incidents attributed to main replacements and more consistent rainfall. 

SA Minister for Water Ian Hunter said: “Earlier this year, we announced an additional $55 million investment for SA Water’s main replacement program – this demonstrates this State Government’s commitment to improving the reliability of the state’s water supply network.

“This was a sound investment that is already contributing to an improvement in the performance of the water network, with a notable reduction in the number of water main breaks and leaks this year,” he said. 

“As part of SA Water’s ongoing water main replacement program, they’re renewing pipes in regional areas, on busy arterial roads and in suburban streets, all with their customers and the wider community at the front of mind.”

While more than 50% of SA Water’s mains are less than 50 years old, Adelaide’s geological makeup is believed to contribute to main damage, with reactive clay soils changing dramatically between seasons. 
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