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Latest news

20 August 2018
Take politics out of water funding, says local council water manager
Small councils face in-built disadvantages when it comes to getting water projects funded, according to one regional council water manager. Shaun Johnston ...

20 August 2018
Australian Water Association makes moves for a digital-first future
The Australian Water Association is expanding its digital offering for members and the public with a new information hub designed to make it easier to access ...

16 August 2018
Politicians call for environmental water to be redirected to NSW farmers
With the entire state of New South Wales now in drought – and almost one-quarter classified as being in intense drought – NSW Minister Pru Goward has called ...

15 August 2018
Kids and schools lead the way in water savings
Victorian schools have helped save 5.7 billion litres of water across the state since 2012 – enough to sustain Geelong’s water needs for about three months. More ...

14 August 2018
Stronger together: Boosting community engagement through partnerships
Water is the “most essential of essential services”, which puts the water industry in a unique position to help improve not just the physical health and wellbeing of the ...

13 August 2018
Virtual reality set to reshape the water industry
As disruptive technologies like big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things take hold in the water industry, there’s one that tends to get left behind: virtual ...

10 August 2018
NSW officially in drought after an extremely dry July
The entire state of NSW has been declared in drought, with almost one-quarter classified as being in intense drought, the NSW Department of Primary Industries ...

9 August 2018
Foreign ownership of water infrastructure under increased scrutiny
Foreign investment in Australia’s water infrastructure will come under scrutiny once the Federal Government makes its register of water assets ownership public later ...

8 August 2018
New ARC training centre targets data as the future of asset maintenance
The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced the start of a new Industrial Transformation Training Centre to help the resource sector better harness data ...

7 August 2018
What happens when you put water management in the hands of communities?
Advances in technology such as sensors, smartphones and social networks make it easier than ever for communities to care for shared resources. But what makes ...

6 August 2018
The next agricultural revolution: How robotics will help us feed our growing population
Australia’s population is projected to reach 37 million in 2050 – a 60% increase from current numbers. That’s a lot of people to feed, but the country’s agriculturalists ...

3 August 2018
One of SA’s smallest treatment plants has won best tasting tap water
Discerning tap-water drinkers should set their sights on SA Water’s Woolpunda Water Treatment Plant, which has been named best tasting tap water in South ...

2 August 2018
Australia faces increased threats from extreme weather events, new research finds
A new study shows heavy but short rainstorms are intensifying more rapidly than expected, which could lead to increased instances of flash floods in urban and ...

1 August 2018
“Worryingly high” levels of PFAS water contamination found at airport work sites
The Gold Coast airport expansion has recently been rocked with controversy after reports emerged that workers were not notified about high levels of PFAS ...

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