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24 April 2017
This innovative method tests water quality in real time – no lab required
Looking for a highly sensitive, on-the-spot method for testing water quality and microbial performance in your water network? A method developed by one Queensland utility might be the ...

24 April 2017
How digital technologies like virtual reality will reshape the water industry
Digital technologies are already helping Australian water utilities boost efficiency and performance, says GHD's new digital transformation and growth expert. Kumar Parakala has been ...

21 April 2017
CSIRO proposes a simple solution to fight a deadly water pathogen
New research has found a new way to eliminate a deadly water pathogen from Australian waterways. A recent CSIRO study found that higher chlorination levels in drinking water ...

21 April 2017
What caused a Canadian river to disappear almost overnight?
A Canadian river has vanished in just four days, becoming the first known case of 'river piracy' in modern times. The climate-driven retreat of one of Canada’s largest glaciers ...

20 April 2017
Just add heat: Innovative device harvests water from thin air
A solar-powered household appliance could harvest litres of water from the air each day – even in very arid regions. US scientists have demonstrated a system for obtaining fresh ...

20 April 2017
Two key Queensland water infrastructure projects get a facelift
Two of southeast Queensland's biggest water infrastructure projects – Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams – are set to be upgraded to improve safety and flood mitigation. The State ...

19 April 2017
NT pushes for mapping water resources to boost economic output
The soil, water resources and biodiversity assets of the Northern Territory will soon be mapped in a bid to boost jobs and investment. The NT Government's new $9.9 million ...

19 April 2017
New global rankings show Australia has top-tier water research
Australian universities boast some of the world's very best water research institutions, according to the Center for World University Rankings. In its inaugural subject rankings...

18 April 2017
The hidden benefits of cutting-edge asset management
Staying at the forefront of asset management increases efficiency and boosts the bottom line, yet many organisations run into the tricky problem of imperfect data sets ...

18 April 2017
Why people around the world are joining the March for Science
Two, four, six, eight, support for science cannot wait! That’s the battle cry of a new grassroots movement, March for Science, to support the science community in a ...

13 April 2017
SA Government pours massive investment into food irrigation
The South Australia Government will invest $110 million in expanding agricultural irrigation in the Northern Adelaide Plains as part of the Northern Adelaide Irrigation ...

13 April 2017
New water research institute takes aim at innovation and collaboration
In an effort to accelerate innovation in food, water, energy and resources, the University of Newcastle has launched a new research cluster group to better collaborate ...

12 April 2017
Water purification for remote communities within reach with new device
Researchers have prototyped an on-site water purification system that quickly and safely removes pollutants with hydrogen peroxide. The device, created by scientists ...

12 April 2017
Government lowers safe exposure levels of toxic chemicals in water
The Federal Government has significantly lowered the safe exposure level of toxic chemicals used in some firefighting foam, following a number of groundwater contanimation ...

11 April 2017
Irrigators call for investment in water efficiency as part of national inquiry
As Australia aims to serve as a food bowl for Asia, irrigators are calling on the Federal Government to recognise their contribution by addressing challenges such as water ...

11 April 2017
Adani coal mine granted unlimited water licence in “reckless” move
In a move that's been described as 'barbaric', 'reckless' and having 'irreversible consequences', the Queensland Government has issued a 60-year unlimited water access ...

10 April 2017
Queensland water utilities face aftermath of Cyclone Debbie head on
Queensland water utilities have weathered Tropical Cyclone Debbie and its aftermath admirably well. In the initial impact zone, Whitsunday Regional Council's major water and ...

10 April 2017
Is DNA sequencing the secret to achieving the best water quality?
As we move towards health-based targets (HBT) for water quality, a new study suggests DNA sequencing could prove a cheaper, more targeted tool for monitoring microbiological ...

7 April 2017
SA proposes water infrastructure upgrades to boost agricultural output
The risk of a Whyalla water infrastructure wipeout could be mitigated under plans for a new pipeline scheme to serve industry in South Australia. The State Government has made a ...

7 April 2017
Victoria Women in Water initiative achieves gender diversity on water boards
Women now make up more than half of all water board members in Victoria, a feat that has been celebrated at the state's inaugural Women in Water event. “It’s inspirational to see ...

6 April 2017
Good news for reef health as some algae’s adjust to climate change
New research has found that some species of coralline algae – crucial builders of reef ecosystems – aren’t as negatively affected by climate change as previously thought. Coralline ...

6 April 2017
South East Water brings expertise to new water research centre
Expanding the use of biosolids and recycled water in the farming industry are key areas South East Water will advise on as part of the new Co-Operative Research Centre for High ...

5 April 2017
Diversity the hallmark of new water resources management panel
A broader range of voices will contribute to Queensland water resources management processes through a new independent advice panel, the State Government has said. Minister ...

5 April 2017
Study finds agriculture pushing groundwater supplies to breaking point
Environmentally conscious grocery shopping doesn't just involve deliberating on protein sources and searching for fair trade products. Where foods are grown is just as crucial due ...

4 April 2017
Which water utility has the best-tasting water in NSW?
An annual competition has awarded a Canberra-based utility the title of “best-tasting water in NSW and ACT”. The ACT’s sole water provider Icon Water beat out more than 20 other ...

4 April 2017
Ancient Murray-Darling Basin streamflows reveal evidence of climate change
Some 90,000-years worth of Murray-Darling Basin streamflows has been mapped for the first time, and the picture that has emerged should serve as a warning, researchers say. In a ...

3 April 2017
What’s behind the alarming drop in water research investment?
There's been an alarming drop in urban water research investment in recent years, and the industry must act now to turn that around, an Australian study shows. Research & development ...

3 April 2017
Water security gets the academic treatment with new university course
In a world of increasing scarcity, we will need to draw on appropriate water security and governance strategies, both in Australia and across the region. In recognition of this fact, the ...

31 March 2017
Multi-year water research expedition hits Australia’s shores
An epic quest to map the world’s oceans has reached Australian shores, where researcher will start plotting shallow reefs and assess coral health. The four-year Swiss expedition was ...

31 March 2017
New “super sponge” soaks up water pollution in record time
A new invention dubbed the ‘Super Sponge’ has been shown to remove mercury pollution from water in less than five seconds. Researchers from the University of Minnesota College of ...

30 March 2017
Younger minds take on challenge of solving future water security issues
Nearly 1600 students have proposed solutions to future water security issues as part of the World Science Festival's Future BNE Challenge in Brisbane. "Knowing how they impact water ...

30 March 2017
Wastewater treatment reveals Australians’ dangerous drug of choice
Wastewater treatment plants have helped the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission map the nature and rate of illicit drug use with unprecedented accuracy. Twenty-two unnamed ...

29 March 2017
Victoria locks in three-year water desalination order
Victoria's state government has committed to a minimum water order from the state’s desalination plant for the next three years. The announcement comes as desalinated water flows into ...

29 March 2017
New treatment for PFAS water pollution a “major breakthrough”
Australian scientists have made a major breakthrough in the fight against PFAS water pollution across the country. The Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and ...

28 March 2017
Two rivers granted human rights in effort to boost water conservation
New Zealand's Whanganui River has pipped India's Ganges to become the world's first river to be granted the same legal rights as a human being. On 16 March the Māori tribe of Whanganui ...

28 March 2017
Snowy Hydroelectric Scheme pushes ahead despite industry concerns
There has been broad support for the planned $2 billion expansion of the Snowy Hydroelectric Scheme, but when it comes to the details, many are raising concerns about its execution. Prime ...

27 March 2017
Water industry dominates ranks of Australia’s top graduate employers
University graduates think the water industry is doing a decent job of nurturing new talent, with no fewer than fourteen Australian Water Association member organisations named among ...

27 March 2017
5 ways the water industry can stay ahead of digital disruption
What do telcos, media, technology and radio all have in common? They are all traditional industries that have faced massive digital disruption in the past few years. They are also Jane ...

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