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Latest news

NSW dam 17 October 2018
WaterNSW planning bulk water transfer as rain does little to ease drought
With severe drought conditions impacting many regions across New South Wales (NSW), the state’s bulk water supplier is taking action to ensure its...

water bulb 16 October 2018
Is the water sector ready for the next industrial revolution?
From telcos to television, many industries have faced massive digital disruption in recent years – and the water sector is no exception.                        

wastewater treatment plant 15 October 2018
High-tech greenhouses the key to growing a new Australian export industry
Australia has the potential to become the food bowl of Asia using a system of high-tech, water-efficient greenhouses.                                                        

wastewater treatment plant 12 October 2018
Seqwater pouring $1 million into protecting Brisbane River
Seqwater will spend almost $1 million over the next three years to improve the water quality of one of South East Queensland’s most important waterways.

wastewater treatment plant 11 October 2018
Goulburn unveils $32 million wastewater treatment plant
A new wastewater treatment plant has opened in Goulburn, NSW, bringing the city’s sewerage facilities into the 21st century.                                            

testing water for bacteria 10 October 2018
Glowing viral: Luminescent bacteria used to detect E.coli in drinking water
Scientists have engineered a virus that can find and destroy E.coli in drinking water within hours.                                                                                             

document signing 09 October 2018
Victoria’s new water pricing framework rewards utilities that put customers first
A new water pricing framework that puts customer engagement at the heart of utilities’ submissions has led to fast-tracked approvals and some of the lowest...

document signing 08 October 2018
Could carp herpes help native fish reclaim Australian waterways?
Carp were first introduced to Australia in the 1800s. Today, the ‘ecosystem engineers’ infest about one million square kilometres of the country’s waterways...

document signing 08 October 2018
Spotless supports water sector across the country
Spotless has partnered with the Association on a number of events across the country, sharing and promoting their knowledge of water management within...

document signing 05 October 2018
TasWater council owners approve state government buy-in
The Tasmanian Government will inject $200 million into TasWater over the next decade in return for a 10% share in the utility.                                                    

04 October 2018
Local knowledge vital to success of new flood research centre
The northern New South Wales town of Lismore has emerged from the devastation of Cyclone Debbie with a new National Centre for Flood Research (NCFR).

03 October 2018
PFAS remediation research receives millions in federal funding
The Federal Government has announced new funding for research into PFAS treatment and remediation, as contamination continues to plague communities...

02 October 2018
The Australian water quality specialist improving supply overseas
Yarra Valley Water (YVW)’s Asoka Jayaratne is on a mission to help utilities across south east Asia deliver safe drinking water to their customers.                    

28 September 2018
Drought-affected community gets first ever water supply connection
Residents of a small town in northern New South Wales (NSW) will have a potable water supply connected to their homes for the first time.                                  

27 September 2018
Efforts to improve water quality continue after factory fire pollutes creek
A month after runoff from a factory fire in Melbourne contaminated a nearby creek, the cleanup is far from over. The fire in West Footscray took firefighters days...

26 September 2018
Flaws in IoT-connected water systems could expose utilities to attack
Internet-connected irrigation systems could be hijacked by threat actors and used to drain a city’s water reserve or force utilities to shut off the water supply, a ...

25 September 2018
Decommissioned water treatment plant presents aquaculture opportunity
An old wastewater treatment plant in Queensland could be given a new lease on life, with Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC) considering converting it into an ...

24 September 2018
WASH expert Juliet Willetts on a decade’s worth of progress
After more than a decade of research and advocacy in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, Professor Juliet Willetts remains optimistic progress is being ...

21 September 2018
Cities must improve resilience of entire water basin to avoid Day Zero
After Cape Town’s water supply crisis earlier this year, cities around the world are being urged to rethink their water management strategies. According to the Cities Alive ...

20 September 2018
Desalination plants not harmful to marine life, long-term study reveals
Brine discharged from water desalination plants into the ocean does not have a toxic impact on marine life, an Australian study has found. Over six years, researchers from ...

19 September 2018
Historic deal to deliver water to southern Murray Darling irrigators
A new deal will make it easier to get vital water flows to irrigators in the southern Murray Darling Basin. Murray Irrigation Limited (MIL) and the New South Wales Government ...

18 September 2018
Why utilities must prepare for digital water metering
With reduced revenue forecasts, increasing customer demands and government pressure for efficiency savings, water utilities would be unwise to hold off on implementing ...

17 September 2018
WA says goodbye to 100-year-old water laws to address climate change
Western Australia (WA) is modernising its century-old water laws to improve water security in the face of climate change. The proposed Water Resources Management Bill ...

14 September 2018
Eating more vegetables can halve water consumption
A healthy vegetarian diet requires 50% less water to produce than a typical meat-heavy diet, a new study has found. Researchers from the European Commission's Joint  ...

13 September 2018
Satellites guard against water theft in Murray-Darling Basin
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is looking to space to help guard against water theft. The MDBA has completed a successful trial using satellites to track flows ...

12 September 2018
How SA Water is meeting changing customer expectations
In order to deliver on its vision of ‘world class water services for a better life’, SA Water is focused on listening to – and learning from – its customers. Speaking ahead of his ...

11 September 2018
Adani-owned Abbot Point coal terminal charged over sediment water release
The Queensland Government is taking Indian mining giant Adani to court, alleging it discharged sediment water near the Great Barrier Reef containing eight times the amount ...

10 September 2018
Pumped hydro research bags ANU academics Eureka Prize
A team of academics who discovered 22,000 possible pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) sites across Australia has been awarded the 2018 Eureka Prize for Environmental ...

7 September 2018
Using engineered sand to clean stormwater: A shore thing?
US researchers have developed a new way to remove contaminants from stormwater, which could help water-strapped communities tap into the underused resource ...

6 September 2018
How this Bangkok park is helping to save the sinking city from flooding
Bangkok was known as the ‘Venice of the East’ during much of the 19th century thanks to the hundreds of canals that once snaked through the city. Today, many of ...

5 September 2018
Research shows irrigation efficiency projects actually lead to more water use
New South Wales is currently weathering its driest year on record since 1965 and Australia’s new drought envoy Barnaby Joyce has joined the ranks of politicians calling ...

4 September 2018
Shared leadership needed for water industry’s ‘wicked problems’
Solving ‘wicked problems’ in the water industry requires a collaborative approach to leadership, says International WaterCentre (IWC) Leadership Specialist André Taylor ...

3 September 2018
Water pipe failure prediction tool takes out Eureka Prize
A tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make intelligent predictions about water pipe failures has taken out the University of Technology ...

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