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21 July 2017
Researcher refines process to convert biogas into high-value liquid
A University of Queensland (UQ) professor has received a huge grant from the Australian Research Council (ARC) to fund research into the bioconversion of methane into higher-value liquid chemicals.

21 July 2017
Hikes in dividends for NSW state-owned water utilities sparks controversy
Following accounting changes applied in this year’s NSW state budget, all state-owned water utilities are required to adjust their financial management – a move some in the industry call “irresponsible” ...

20 July 2017
Gender diversity key to water industry innovation, says expert
A leading water researcher has been named one of Science and Technology Australia’s Superstars of STEM, a program designed to highlight and support gender diversity in science, technology, ..... 

20 July 2017
Queensland improves water security following record-breaking drought
Seqwater has brought the Ewen Maddock Water Treatment Plant back online in an effort to improve water security for Sunshine Coast communities following consecutive failed wet seasons.               

19 July 2017
Class action lawsuit filed over “worst contamination site” in Australia
More than 450 Queensland residents have filed a class action lawsuit seeking compensation from the Department of Defence following water contamination from the Oakey RAAF base.                       

19 July 2017
Water research breakthrough could advance desalination technology
In a major breakthrough discovery, scientists at Stockholm University have found water can exist in two different liquid forms. Based on experimental studies at Argonne National Laboratory......                  

18 July 2017
More industry collaboration needed to curtail spread of deadly water pathogen
More cooperation between public health research and climate forecasting is needed to prevent the spread of a deadly water pathogen, warns an industry expert. ANU lead researcher and ecologist........      

18 July 2017
Victoria ramps up water security planning to prepare for an uncertain future
Victoria’s population is set to crack 10 million by 2050, but water feeding into catchments could decrease by as much as 40% by then. With this in mind, the Victorian Government is implementing strategies....

17 July 2017
Water security planning needs to be backed by strong water policy
In 2014 legislative changes prompted Queensland’s water service providers to shift from regulatory planning to an outcomes-based model. Have these changes resulted in positive outcomes for water security?

14 July 2017
New tech turns any surface into a renewable energy powerhouse
Creating renewable energy is now as simple as finding water, thanks to a new solar paint developed by RMIT researchers.The paint contains a newly developed compound called synthetic molybdenum-sulphide ...

14 July 2017
How a great digital strategy helps you squeeze every drop from your data
Have you considered the need for a digital strategy within your organisation? Are your staff equipped to face the challenges of providing water to customers within a digital age? A digital strategy allows ...

13 July 2017
‘Mini-hydro’ plants pump up utilities’ renewable energy output
To tackle the ongoing energy consumption challenge faced by water utilities, a major Victorian provider has installed five mini-hydro plants that harness the power of renewable energy. Melbourne Water’s...

13 July 2017
Wetlands monitoring could boost Great Barrier Reef health
Wetlands spanning the length and breadth of the Great Barrier Reef catchment will now be monitored in an attempt to bolster ongoing protection efforts. The Great Barrier Reef narrowly missed being...

12 July 2017
WA regional water contamination tests reveal dangerous nitrate levels
Water contamination tests in 271 regional WA communities found bore water contaminated with arsenic, uranium and nitrates, with the latter recorded at 10 times the recommended safe level.             

12 July 2017
Flood response efforts get boost from new data management system
Response times to flood warnings have been improved in Victoria thanks to a new flood data management system implemented by Melbourne Water. Melbourne Water won Project of the Year under....

11 July 2017
Water infrastructure investment delivers water for wine in SA
The South Australian Government has invested $11 million to bolster the Barossa Infrastructure Limited (BIL) water transportation scheme to support growth in the region's wine industries.                        

11 July 2017
Joint procurement pays off for regional Queensland
A unique arrangement between several Queensland regional councils has helped reduce procurement costs by almost $140,000 for two recent projects.The Outback Regional Water Alliance (ORWA)..... 

10 July 2017
Can health-based targets fill the gaps in current water quality guidelines?
Although most of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) provide a solid definition of safe, good-quality water, the definition of microbial safety is currently arbitrary and lacks quantitative standards. 

10 July 2017
Why we need more Indigenous voices in water resources management
Indigenous Australians have called the driest inhabited continent on Earth home for millennia, but they are by and large left out of current water resources management practices.                                  

7 July 2017
Utilities need to pick up the pace and implement smart technology
Water utilities have room for improvement when it comes to making the most of data and smart technology, according to a new report from US engineering and construction company Black & Veatch. 

7 July 2017
Is Australia ready to embrace renewable energy to address climate change?
United States President Donald Trump recently announced America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement (PCA), but what impact will this have on worldwide attempts to mitigate climate change? 

6 July 2017
New water technology has its eye on monitoring remote tanks
A new piece of water technology the size of a credit card can help monitor water tanks in remote areas of Australia. The device, a satellite transmitter developed by Australian startup Myriota........

6 July 2017
How can utilities keep up with changing customer expectations?
An online bill simulator is helping one utility better understand customer expectations by letting residents make choices about which water initiatives and services they want to see reduced, kept or enhanced.          

5 July 2017
Post with the most: The dos and don’ts of using social media
As water businesses embrace social media, the question of when and how to use these platforms to greatest effect is an important one. In a bid to help water and wastewater utilities.......

5 July 2017
Yarra River now a ‘natural entity’ after landmark legislation to boost water conservation
 In a bid to boost water conservation, the Yarra River and its associated land have received new protections from a law that identifies and supports it as an integrated natural entity....           

4 July 2017
Australian water research into climate change awarded the prestigious Kyoto Prize
An Australian National University (ANU) scientist has put Australian water research on the international stage, becoming the first Australian to ever win the Kyoto Prize...                                   

4 July 2017
First water resource plan for Murray-Darling Basin receives approval
The first Water Resource Plan (WRP) under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP) has been accredited by the Australian Government, with the aim of providing sustainable water security ...  

3 July 2017
What can we learn from Rotterdam’s approach to urban water management?
The ability of countries to address future urban water management challenges – particularly from climate change and population growth – demands a fundamental shift in policy and practice. ...

3 July 2017
More investment needed to curtail non-revenue water losses in Australia
 Non-revenue water losses have plagued utilities for years, yet efforts to stem the flow are hampered when funding comes into play. But with the price of water rising and the cost of technology ...

30 June 2017
Key to ensuring cyber security now and into future
Data gathering in the water industry is evolving, but there are still several challenges it needs to overcome before the process matures. One is cyber security and how to protect itself from threats ...

30 June 2017
How one small water utility boosts value for customers
A new report found residents serviced by a small NSW water utility pay well below the national median. How do they provide great value at a low cost? Shoalhaven Water received strong ratings ...

29 June 2017
Australia could lose billions if the Great Barrier Reef dies, says new report
The Great Barrier Reef – an Australian icon – is worth a massive $56 billion in economic and social assets, according to recent findings. A report conducted by Deloitte Australia found that the reef ...

29 June 2017
Finkel Review highlights pumped hydro as key to renewable energy plan
Australian Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s report into the National Electricity Market has found the water industry could play a key role in reducing the energy sector’s emissions. The report’s key ...

28 June 2017
Sydney utility cogeneration trials reveal the pros and cons
Sydney Water is working to better predict the downstream effects of adding food waste to its cogeneration facilities – and plans to share the findings with the rest of the industry. In collaboration ...

28 June 2017
Can the Murray-Darling Basin Plan deliver on its promises?
A new report has found that provisions for vulnerable ecosystems under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP) are at risk unless the Federal Government recommences water buybacks. The ...

27 June 2017
Smart water meter project brings massive savings and kudos to university
A smart water meter system involving almost 200 cloud-connected devices at the Australian National University campus in Canberra has garnered a category award at the Australian IoT Awards ...

27 June 2017
New formula could keep millions safe from future extreme flooding
A new analytic formula based on data from China's deadliest river could help predict extreme flooding and coastal erosion, which threatens up to 80 million people worldwide. The Yellow River is ...

26 June 2017
For young water professionals, leadership training proves critical to professional development
The water sector faces unique challenges, and therefore water professionals need to develop their own unique set of skills to address them. Strong leadership is a crucial component to steering ...

26 June 2017
What to do when you’re stuck in a water technology rut
Australia’s water industry isn’t short of innovative ideas, but it takes the right mix of collaboration and connections to get water technology projects off the ground. That’s why one industry expert ...

23 June 2017
Fido joins the fight against hidden water leaks in Western Australia
Two specially trained sniffer dogs are on the hunt for underground water leaks in Western Australia. In an Australian-first, the dogs are being trained as part of a Water Corporation research and ...

23 June 2017
New report helps policy makers avoid conflicts in the Sustainable Development Goals
A new report from the International Council for Science (ICSU) outlines a method to help organisations and government bodies navigate the web that is the UN Sustainable Development Goals ...

22 June 2017
Water of Origin: Who took home the title of best tasting water?
Queensland has gotten one back over New South Wales by winning the annual Water of Origin competition, which pits the two states against each other in a battle for the title of ‘best-tasting water’ ...

22 June 2017
World’s estuaries could become powerhouses with new water technology
Unprecedented amounts of electrical power could be produced where seawater and freshwater meet, with the help of new water technology developed by Penn State University researchers ...

21 June 2017
Australia spearheads mapping of water pollution entering world’s oceans
CSIRO is undertaking the world's largest water pollution survey to assess and reduce litter entering oceans around the world. CSIRO will be joined in this endeavour by some of the world's ...

21 June 2017
Victoria pours massive investment into water efficiency measures
The Victorian Government has announced a $100 million investment in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District as part of a plan to boost the region’s agricultural production and water efficiency ...

20 June 2017
New water research aims to improve reliability of Australia’s hydropower
Efforts to improve rain forecasting over Australia's hydropower generation regions have received a boost from the Australian Research Council. Monash University's Associate Professor ...

20 June 2017
Water industry veteran recognised for contributions to public health
One NSW Legend of Water has been awarded the Public Service Medal for his role in improving public health through water quality in New South Wales. Dr Paul Byleveld, who has contributed ...

19 June 2017
How to make sure your smart technology project gets off the ground
In an age of smart everything, cities are working to become more liveable, sustainable and productive places. But unless it’s supported by communities and policies, things won’t progress ...

19 June 2017
Australian utilities are some of the world’s most innovative – here’s why
Australian water businesses have been recognised as leading innovators in the Water Research Foundation's new guidance manual, Fostering Innovation Within Water Utilities. Programs ...

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