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24 March 2017
New institute looks to expand Australian water infrastructure expertise
Exporting innovative water infrastructure solutions to the world is one of the key focuses of a new Australian university institute. The recently opened Monash University Institute entitled ...

24 March 2017
Are Australians confident about their water quality?
Compared to other countries, relatively few Australians think wastewater poses a threat to their water quality, according to a recent survey. An Ipsos poll revealed that 47% of Australians ...

23 March 2017
New water research solves longstanding mystery of why liquids splash
Water research from the University of Warwick has produced a new theory for why liquids splash when they hit a surface. Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Institute Dr James ...

23 March 2017
Australians keep up water use habits despite soaring temperatures
Residential water use remained steady last year, despite above-average temperatures across much of Australia, a Bureau of Meteorology report shows. The National performance ...

22 March 2017
Could harnessing ocean waves be the next target for renewable energy?
The WA Labor Party has outlined a plan to power the city of Albany using 100% renewable energy, with the establishment of a wave energy farm key to that. “Albany has some of the ...

22 March 2017
New use for clay could prevent water contamination from CSG wells
Preventing water contamination from decommissioned oil and gas wells could soon be cheaper and safer thanks to new material trials from the University of Queensland. Decommissioned ...

21 March 2017
Better flood management sought in WA after extreme weather
Following deadly flooding in Western Australia last month, a Perth council has commissioned a hydraulic modelling and floodplain management study of the Swan and Helena Rivers ...

21 March 2017
Irrigators in SA look forward to full water allocation
Thanks to last spring’s record inflows, South Australia’s River Murray irrigators will receive a 100% water allocation in the coming year. The 2017-18 opening allocation for water access ...

20 March 2017
Has the solution for filtering out microplastics been hiding in plain sight?
They’re in nearly everything: toothpaste, face wash, clothes, fertilisers. Microplastics have a way of sneaking through conventional treatment systems, but an engineer has found a novel ...

20 March 2017
Great Barrier Reef at breaking point after worst coral bleaching on record
Stopping global warming is the only way to save the Great Barrier Reef and end coral bleaching, an international study authored by 46 scientists concludes. The research, published in ...

20 March 2017
Australian innovation saving lives in Vietnam
The Australian Water Association is facilitating SkyJuice Foundation Inc. to deliver an innovative drinking water technology project for needy communities in Vietnam. SkyJuice Chairman ...

17 March 2017
Protestors challenge NZ government over bottled water exports
Protesters are asking the New Zealand government to end exports of bottled water from some of the country’s freshwater sources. A 15,000-signature petition calling for an end to bottled ...

17 March 2017
Researchers harness sunlight to rapidly purify wastewater
Wastewater can be rapidly and cheaply purified using sunlight, an Australian-led research team has discovered. Many leading water purification products need ultraviolet light to work, but ...

16 March 2017
Queensland faces record-breaking drought
Following recommendations from Local Drought Committees, seven more shires in Queensland have been declared drought affected, bringing the state’s share of parched regions to 87% ....

16 March 2017
New funding for water infrastructure efficiency in Murray-Darling Basin
Almost 200 irrigators will receive $151 million in funding from the Federal Government as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan’s (MDBP) On Farm Efficiency Program (OFEP). This most ....

15 March 2017
Water industry key to Australia’s renewable energy future
The Australian water industry could play an important role in achieving secure, cheap and 100% renewable energy, an ANU study has shown. The paper – 100% renewable electricity in ....

15 March 2017
Dehydrated Chinese city plans to pipe water 1000km from Russian lake
The Chinese government is planning on pumping water from Russia’s Lake Baikal to the city of Lanzhou in China’s Gansu province, according to reports in Chinese media. The project ....

14 March 2017
Turning water into wine: This new app helps growers solve irrigation issues
A new smartphone app promises to diagnose grapevine health and help growers make smarter irrigation decisions with the press of a button. The Vine Water Stress app uses a thermal ....

14 March 2017
New method could bring water pollution relief to world’s poor
A new method for simply and affordably treating water pollution from arsenic has netted UTS researchers a $500,000 Technology Against Poverty prize. The winners, Distinguished Professor ...

13 March 2017
It’s official: State Government makes controversial move to take over TasWater
After much speculation, the Tasmanian Premier announced the State Government will take ownership of the state’s largest water utility, TasWater. During an address to parliament, Premier ...

13 March 2017
Need help grading your biosolids? This new method can help
Water utilities might get more than a whiff of 'the sweet smell of success' by adapting Sydney Water's new methodology for grading biosolids products. Sydney Water has developed a ...

10 March 2017
Water conservation campaign aims to build good habits early
How can utilities build awareness about water conservation issues among primary school children? With a little Hollywood glamour, of course. Hunter Water is tackling the issue with a short ...

10 March 2017
Outlook on nation’s water quality not good, reveals new report
Groundwater and ecosystem water quality conditions have received an unfavourable review in the latest national State of the Environment Inland Water report. For the first time, the annual ...

9 March 2017
Federal water body renews and expands Reconciliation Action Plan
The Federal Department for Agriculture and Water Resources has reaffirmed its commitment to the Reconciliation Action Plan with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The plan ...

9 March 2017
Why future water industry leaders need hands-on work experience
Coursework is important, but students interested in a career in the water industry shouldn’t underestimate the value of hands-on work experience, says an industry expert. Students should ...

8 March 2017
National Water Accounts reveal year-on-year loss to north’s supply
Strong El Niño conditions contributed to a major decrease in aquifer storage in northern Australia last year, the latest Bureau of Meteorology National Water Accounts show. The Bureau has ...

8 March 2017
How well do consumers know the source of their drinking water?
Almost half of Western Australians have no idea where their drinking water originates, according to a new Water Corporation survey. The results were worst among young people: the survey ...

7 March 2017
Call out for innovative solutions to reef water pollution
The Queensland Government is offering a $3.2 million “cash carrot” to attract innovative solutions to reducing water pollution in the Great Barrier Reef. Minister for the Great Barrier Reef Dr ...

7 March 2017
New monitoring bore gives public access to latest groundwater data
A newly constructed water monitoring bore in the Gunnedah Basin will bring greater oversight and transparency to groundwater management in NSW. It comes as part of a $22.8 million water ...

6 March 2017
Why water sustainability needs more creative thinking
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the water industry should consider using art to better articulate community input on water sustainability projects, said industry experts. To redesign ...

6 March 2017
Innovative approach to water infrastructure a win-win for consumers and utilities
An Australian-first use of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) maintenance holes and jacking pipes has helped deliver a major water infrastructure project six months ahead of schedule. The Amaroo ...

6 March 2017
Water conservation labelling scheme extends reach
The Smart WaterMark scheme (SAWM), which labels water savings products and services, is extending its range to include products that improve water efficiency. SAWM was jointly established ...

3 March 2017
7 top tips to have the best networking experience
It’s not always what you know – who you know can have a huge influence on your career development. But if you cringe at the very mention of the word ‘networking’, you’re not alone. But with ...

3 March 2017
New study brands Murray-Darling Basin Plan as ineffectual
New research from the Australian National University (ANU) has found no significant progress from the $5 billion Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP) since it began in 2012. The research highlights ...

2 March 2017
International partnership highlights Himalayan water resources management
Kathmandu and Canberra are ramping up efforts to ensure sustainable development and improve water resources management in the Himalayan river basins. The second phase of the Australian ...

2 March 2017
Unique museum collection puts our ties to water on display
From a vial of tears to melted ice from Antarctica, the UK-based Museum of Water celebrates water in all forms – and it has crossed oceans to feature at the Perth International ...

1 March 2017
New solar technology could help address water and food insecurity
Australian solar technology could significantly boost agricultural water-use efficiency, and help address future global food insecurity and water shortages. Scientists from Edith Cowan University ...

1 March 2017
More funding calls to prevent groundwater wastage in Queensland
Queensland rural lobby group AgForce has called on State and Federal Governments to continue funding the Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative (GABSI). Ongoing funding of the initiative ...

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