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23 April 2018
Here’s how Arup helped an Indigenous community with water supply solutions
When it comes to ensuring remote communities have safe and reliable water supplies, thinking outside the box is a necessity. One innovative partnership has shown how this delivers sustainable solutions ...

20 April 2018
Sydney Water and Cambi collaborate for St Marys Water Recycling Plant
In a bid to take further action towards reducing its carbon footprint, Sydney Water has awarded Cambi the contract to install a thermal hydrolysis plant (THP) at the St Marys Water Recycling Plant ...

19 April 2018
GHD wins Warragamba Dam concept design contract
In partnership with joint venture partner Stantec, GHD has been awarded the concept design contract for raising the Warragamba Dam in order to reduce flood risk in the Hawkesbury-Nepean ...

18 April 2018
Water Corporation expands Perth wastewater treatment plant capacity
With 10% of Perth’s wastewater successfully recycled and recharged into groundwater supplies via the landmark treatment plant at Beenyup, Water Corporation is set to expand the plant’s capacity ...

17 April 2018
CSIRO Saildrones to redefine ocean data collection
Two Saildrones – high-tech wind and solar-powered autonomous vehicles – has set off from Hobart on a mission to capture valuable ocean data. part of a Commonwealth- and industry-funded ...

16 April 2018
Fremantle Commercial Diving creates robots that clean drinking water systems
Cleaning drinking water systems can be expensive, time consuming and an OH&S concern for many utilities, but one company has turned its attention to creating a range of fit-for-purpose ...

13 April 2018
How did Flow Power help Yarra Valley Water reduce operational costs?
It is an undisputed fact that a large part of water utilities’ operational expenditure is energy, and with the substantial rise in energy prices over the past 18 months, many of them are ...

12 April 2018
Water utilities hop on Tesla bandwagon for energy savings
Californian water utilities have joined the world-wide Tesla battery craze, claiming they are reaping savings by storing energy in the batteries overnight. The high-capacity batteries are ...

11 April 2018
Jacobs raises awareness for women in STEM
In a new initiative to raise awareness of the impact of women in science leadership, the Homeward Bound Program has been selecting women in Science, Technology, Engineering and ...

10 April 2018
“Innovative leadership” is needed for Indigenous water needs
Finding ways to deliver on Indigenous water needs is an essential component of the National Water Initiative, and one researcher says there is an opportunity for Australian government ...

9 April 2018
How City West Water enabled returns on water treatment processes
With recycled water a key factor in managing Australia’s water security requirements, one utility has optimised salt-reduction processes to ensure maximum return with reduced costs ...

6 April 2018
Jacobs puts the spotlight on supporting mental health in the workforce
Mental illness is a human resources issue that impacts on the economic and managerial well-being of businesses Australia wide, but one water organisation has stepped up to help ...

5 April 2018
Research delivers on in-pipe water turbulence destabilisation
With the demands of the water-energy nexus mounting against utilities, a spout of recent research has found a way to dramatically reduce the amount of energy needed to pump ...

4 April 2018
Does running a groundwater replenishment scheme result in a water-secure future?
Water Corporation’s Groundwater Replenishment Scheme is one of the first of its kind to be implemented in Australia and, with the country now looking forward to a water-secure ...

3 April 2018
Community engagement for infrastructure upgrades
Major upgrades to water supply infrastructure can cause huge disruptions to local communities, but Water Corporation’s recent Newman Town Water Supply Upgrade Project ...

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