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23 June 2017
Fido joins the fight against hidden water leaks in Western Australia
Two specially trained sniffer dogs are on the hunt for underground water leaks in Western Australia. In an Australian-first, the dogs are being trained as part of a Water Corporation research and ...

23 June 2017
New report helps policy makers avoid conflicts in the Sustainable Development Goals
A new report from the International Council for Science (ICSU) outlines a method to help organisations and government bodies navigate the web that is the UN Sustainable Development Goals ...

22 June 2017
Water of Origin: Who took home the title of best tasting water?
Queensland has gotten one back over New South Wales by winning the annual Water of Origin competition, which pits the two states against each other in a battle for the title of ‘best-tasting water’ ...

22 June 2017
World’s estuaries could become powerhouses with new water technology
Unprecedented amounts of electrical power could be produced where seawater and freshwater meet, with the help of new water technology developed by Penn State University researchers ...

21 June 2017
Australia spearheads mapping of water pollution entering world’s oceans
CSIRO is undertaking the world's largest water pollution survey to assess and reduce litter entering oceans around the world. CSIRO will be joined in this endeavour by some of the world's ...

21 June 2017
Victoria pours massive investment into water efficiency measures
The Victorian Government has announced a $100 million investment in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District as part of a plan to boost the region’s agricultural production and water efficiency ...

20 June 2017
New water research aims to improve reliability of Australia’s hydropower
Efforts to improve rain forecasting over Australia's hydropower generation regions have received a boost from the Australian Research Council. Monash University's Associate Professor ...

20 June 2017
Water industry veteran recognised for contributions to public health
One NSW Legend of Water has been awarded the Public Service Medal for his role in improving public health through water quality in New South Wales. Dr Paul Byleveld, who has contributed ...

19 June 2017
How to make sure your smart technology project gets off the ground
In an age of smart everything, cities are working to become more liveable, sustainable and productive places. But unless it’s supported by communities and policies, things won’t progress ...

19 June 2017
Australian utilities are some of the world’s most innovative – here’s why
Australian water businesses have been recognised as leading innovators in the Water Research Foundation's new guidance manual, Fostering Innovation Within Water Utilities. Programs ...

16 June 2017
Murray-Darling Basin water efficiency impacts now under the microscope
The Federal Government has revealed the criteria for an independent study into the socio-economic impacts of water efficiency measures under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP) ...

16 June 2017
Monitoring Sydney Harbour emissions a call to action for urban water management
As Sydney’s population gets set to double by the end of the century, urban water managers will need to keep a close eye on carbon emissions coming from Sydney Harbour. That's ...

15 June 2017
Industry collaboration looks to boost Queensland catchment’s water quality
A $2.4 million project tackling sediment and nutrient pollution in the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay is set to improve regional water quality. The project involves rehabilitating more ...

15 June 2017
New technology fine-tunes irrigation to cut costs and water waste
A European Space Agency (ESA) spin-off project has the potential to preserve water supplies and guarantee crop irrigation for struggling Australian farmers. The ambitious plan of ...

14 June 2017
New nanotechnology has potential to soak up water contamination
A new ultralight material made from nanoscale ceramic fibres has the potential to treat water contamination with its sponge-like construction. Researchers from Brown University in the ...

14 June 2017
International body seeks Australian input on water quality measurement
There are hundreds of indicators and indices available for determining water quality, but how do you decide which one to use, for which purpose and under what conditions? International ...

13 June 2017
How digital transformation is helping Sydney Water stay ahead of the curve
Sydney Water is making moves to streamline operations and improve customer experience, with digital transformation taking a central role. The utility is in the process of implementing ...

13 June 2017
Water quality testing gets reimagined with new DNA sequencing technology
A more efficient method of DNA sequencing is making it easier for utilities to proactively manage water quality. Scientists at the Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC) in Adelaide ...

9 June 2017
Waterbird populations in the Murray-Darling Basin keep dropping. Why?
A new study has found dam construction and water diversions in the Murray-Darling Basin are responsible for a dramatic drop in waterbird numbers across eastern Australia. The ...

9 June 2017
Innovative approach to water treatment garners smart water citation
A Queensland water treatment project purifying saline water produced during coal seam gas extraction has been named one of three nominees for the Smart City Asia Pacific Awards ...

8 June 2017
New grants encourage community participation in water management
Calling all citizen scientists! The Federal Government has recently announced $4.4 million worth of grants to boost community engagement in large-scale scientific projects, including ...

8 June 2017
Foreign water aid still has a ways to go towards boosting gender equality
Foreign aid investments in water are not performing as they once were, particularly when it comes to supporting gender equality, a new report shows. The Department of Foreign Affairs ...

7 June 2017
Federal money bolsters Great Artesian Basin infrastructure investment
Water management efforts in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) are getting an $8 million top-up from the Federal Government until private investment is secured. A new funding model is ...

7 June 2017
Melbourne Water trials co-digestion to move towards zero emissions
Melbourne Water is trialling co-digestion of organic wastes at its Western Treatment Plant in the hopes of boosting environmental sustainability and generating revenue. The 18-month ...

6 June 2017
Coal seam gas contamination track record provides weak case for further projects
A new report has found that up to 130 toxic waste spills could occur – and endanger drinking and irrigation water – if the Santos Narrabri coal seam gas (CSG) project goes ahead. The ...

6 June 2017
Perth turns to groundwater replenishment as step to drought-proof the city
A Water Corporation plan to double the amount of recycled water being pumped into underground aquifers is the latest effort to help secure the city’s future water supplies. This move ...

5 June 2017
Does historical data hold the key to future water security?
What lessons does the past hold for our future water security issues? One Victorian utility is using historical weather data and modelling software to predict potential water supply issues ...

5 June 2017
New water education centre paves the way for better community engagement
One utility is looking to future water consumers to boost community engagement and water conservation with a purpose-built water education centre. Residents of the Hunter have been ...

2 June 2017
Smart water technology puts urban developments at the frontline of efficiency
Rapid urban growth and subsequent strains on water resources could be mitigated by integrated smart water technology systems, says one industry expert. Victoria is one state set to see ...

1 June 2017
Water allocation needs transparent and independent management, says expert
Water allocation decision-making in Australia calls for independent managers with clear legal instruments and transparent operating strategies, an Australian expert argues. Federation Uni ...

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