Mentoring Program

The Australian Water Association’s mentoring programs aims to pair young water professionals with experienced practitioners across all aspects of the water industry.

Mentoring has been identified as an important influence in professional development and as an effective way to develop skills via the transfer of knowledge from an experienced senior member to a less experienced member. The mentoring relationship can strengthen competencies needed to enhance job performance and career prospects. It is based on encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn new information, and can be a formal or informal relationship. The YWP Mentoring Program matches mentors and mentees based on participants preferences in a number of areas, and help initiate and facilitate an ongoing mentoring relationship. 

Mentoring can be done face to face, online or by phone, so all members are encouraged to participate regardless of their work location. 

To support your mentoring, AWA YWP’s holds a number of mentoring evenings throughout the year. These often include guest speakers, coaching sessions and presenting case studies on mentoring partnerships and the keys to success. 

For senior members interested in becoming a mentor, this an opportunity to give something back to the water industry by sharing your professional knowledge, experience and skills. For younger members, this is a chance to understand your career aspirations and network with someone who can assist you in achieving your goals.   

State-based mentoring programs

Join over 450 of your colleagues in one of AWA’s state-based mentoring programs. 

Pairings are made based upon a questionnaire each participant fills out, which asks about skills and experience (for mentors), and career goals and expectations (for mentees). Participants include a wide range of people from different areas of the water industry, and with different experiences and skills. 

The mentor and mentee will meet during the year at suitable times arranged  between them. The mentoring program evenings will provide information on how to manage the mentor-mentee relationship. The structure of the relationship is flexible, and it’s up to the pair to decide how to manage their relationship. 

You can register for the mentoring program at any time. 
Programs currently operate in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia. If you are interested in becoming a mentor / mentee or would just like some more information about the program, email your state AWA office:

There are currently no formal mentoring programs for Tasmania, Northern Territory or the Australian Capital Territory, however these are being actively considered. So please email us if you are interested in being involved in mentoring in these areas territories: