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IWAA Committee 2021-23

The purpose of the IWA Australia (IWAA) committee is to enhance the experience of IWA members in Australia by being the Australian voice internationally and the international voice in Australia. We are supported by the Australian Water Association and are a link between the two partnering Associations. 

Our committee is made up of diverse people from around the country, including several YWPs. Our committee members are empowered to shape and take ownership of initiatives that they believe will achieve IWAA’s purpose of enhancing the experience of IWA members in Australia. We have monthly committee calls with subgroups working on committee initiatives between these sessions.

Committee Initiatives

The committee continues to work towards initiatives that are around communications, budgeting, events, inclusion, membership engagement and emerging leaders scholarships.

IWAA Committee

IWAA 2021-23 Committee Members

IWAA Manager
Digna Nichols
Membership Engagement Manager 
VIC & IWAA Branches + Asset Mgt, Water Quality & Water for All Specialist Networks

Kathryn Silvester (Chair)

Sydney Water 

Shona Fitzgerald (Co-Chair)

World Bank

Annalisa Contos (Co-Chair)

Atom Consulting

Ben Thwaites

SA Water 

Mark Pascoe

International Water Centre

Dr Michael Storey

Isle Utlities 

Helen Stratton

Griffith University 

Darryl Day

Peter Cullen Trust 

Eric Vanweydeveld

Aquanex Consulting 

Lindsey Brown


Daniel Deere

Water Futures 

Chelsea Hayward


Cris Carvalho

Aqwest Bunbury Water 

AWA Representative

Kirsty Blades