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Latest news

15 June 2018
Brisbane City Council creek regeneration project to bolster amenity
Oxley Creek is currently a heavily polluted waterway running through south ­Brisbane, but it’s set to become a world-class ‘green living’ amenity under a draft masterplan released by the city’s council last month. ...

14 June 2018
Iconic Newcastle reservoir takes heritage listing
Newcastle’s first underground drinking water reservoir is set to be heritage listed by the NSW Government, taking its place among some of Australia’s most prized cultural possessions ...

13 June 2018
Community set to shape Yarra River's strategic planning
The future of Victoria’s iconic Yarra River is set to be shaped by a community-driven vision, which has been developed under the Yarra Strategic Plan led by Melbourne Water. In a first ...

12 June 2018
Nation’s ‘garden’ capital set for water-sensitive urban design boost
Canberra’s population is predicted to grow to 500,000 over the next decade and one water consulting agency has been working to revive and reconceive the city’s design to ensure ...

11 June 2018
South East Queensland collaboration establishes landmark future planning program
Seqwater has partnered with Arup and South East Queensland service providers to deliver a landmark future planning program for water organisations and partners, with the unique ...

8 June 2018
New technology a boon for wastewater treatment worldwide
Researchers from the University of Bath have developed a new technology for removing micropollutants from wastewater, promising a more efficient method for wastewater treatment ...

7 June 2018
Infrastructure investments keep water prices down in Victoria
Victorian residents are set to enjoy some of the lowest water prices in Australia over the next four years as a result of increased investment in infrastructure across the state. The ...

6 June 2018
New water analysis partnership a boon for global service provision
Environmental solutions service provider Veolia has announced a three-year partnership with water analysis company Hach, with the new agreement bolstering water operations ...

5 June 2018
Australia ready for next phase in urban water reform
With many cities and towns facing increasing pressures from population growth and climate change, the recent Productivity Commission report into National Water Reform placed ...

4 June 2018
Call to prioritise Aboriginal water rights
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians face huge challenges in terms of ensuring their water rights and values are maintained at local, state and national level, and one ...

1 June 2018
Wastewater reveals national trends in illicit substance use
Results from an ongoing drug-use survey utilising wastewater treatment data has estimated at least 8387kg of methylamphetamine, 3075kg cocaine, 1280kg of MDMA and 765kg ...

31 May 2018
Sensor technology aids sustainable water use in public housing
Western Australian public housing facilities could save millions of litres of water a year thanks to an innovative management company’s new water saving program utilising sensor ...

30 May 2018
NASA launches new satellites to monitor earth’s water data
NASA has launched two new satellites as part of an ongoing research project aimed at monitoring earth’s freshwater data with hopes the results will aid in global water management ...

29 May 2018
MDBA amps up strategy to protect environmental water
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority is trialling remote sensing data to track environmental flow through the Barwon-Darling Rivers in a bid to monitor and protect environmental ...

28 May 2018
A customer-first strategy is still vital for utilities
Putting customers first may be an old idea, but it’s becoming an increasing focus for many utilities and regulators that are joining the growing trend towards allowing customer ...

25 May 2018
Research finds new lithium extraction method for reusing fracking wastewater
Reuse of wastewater produced from fracking could be a resource recovery boon with a new technology developed to extract lithium, which is used in the production of mobile ...

24 May 2018
WaterGroup and HZ Metering roll out NUmeter technology
WaterGroup, in collaboration with global manufacturer HZ Metering, will soon distribute a new smart water meter in the market – the Network-ready Ultrasonic smart water ...

23 May 2018
Melbourne Water and Deakin University develop VR tech for scenario training
Melbourne Water, together with Deakin University, recently showcased virtual reality (VR) technology aimed at allowing technicians to safely conduct training for high-risk ...

22 May 2018
Does the water industry benefit from the 2018-19 Budget?
The Australian Government recently outlined the 2018-19 budget, identifying a few areas of investment that are in relation to the water industry. Budget documents mainly ...

21 May 2018
Research focuses on increasing the lifespan of stormwater ponds in Canberra
Canberra’s stormwater system is under the spotlight with current research from the University of Canberra taking a closer look at ways to better manage nutrient removal ...

18 May 2018
This system is all set to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
One ambitious young environmentalist has developed a sea plastic clean-up system, spanning the length of a football field, to help tackle ocean pollution. Boyan Slat ...

17 May 2018
Australians are now saving on water costs
The cost of residential water bills in Australia has fallen for the first time in five years, according to the annual National Performance Report for urban utilities. The report has ...

16 May 2018
Aussie wastewater analysis finds stabilisation of ice use
The latest analysis of Australia’s wastewater from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) has shown use of crystal methylamphetamine – commonly referred to ...

15 May 2018
Is using UV a better way to reduce chlorine levels in water?
Chlorine reduction can be an expensive and time-consuming ordeal for many industrial operations, but one company is honing in on helping businesses attain ultrapure water for ...

14 May 2018
Parliament supports changes to Murray-Darling Basin Plan
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has welcomed a range of government commitments, with the passage of two sets of amendments to the Basin Plan passed by Senate ...

10 May 2018
Celebrating the industry’s finest at the Australian Water Awards
The 2018 Australian Water Awards celebrated the industry’s best and brightest in an evolving industry. It highlighted the most interesting of innovations and best practices by both ...

4 May 2018
NSW Govt launches its Natural Resource Access Regulator
In a landmark move to strengthen regulation and compliance issues around water management, the NSW Government will launch the state’s Natural Resource Access Regulator ...

3 May 2018
Victorian Govt unveils new initiative targeted at farmers
With farmers in Victoria facing huge environmental changes and stressors on business management, the Victorian Government has launched a new initiative aimed at giving them the ...

2 May 2018
Melbourne Water improves asset design processes using VR tech
Constructing assets is expensive enough without having to fix hazardous design oversights, but one water utility has vastly improved asset design processes by implementing virtual reality ...

1 May 2018
Queensland Urban Utilities adopts new approach to optimise water treatment plant operations
Taking a ground up approach to optimising water treatment plant operations is one that Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) has recently adopted, resulting in “astounding results”. Presenting ...

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