YWP Specialist Network
The Australian Water Association's Young Water Professionals (YWP) network exists to engage, represent, service and inspire young or new water sector professionals. There is no hard and fast definition of a YWP but as a guide our activities may be most relevant to those under the age of approximately 35 years, those with up to approximately ten years water sector experience across all disciplines (regardless of credentials). In addition, those with less than five years experience in the industry may qualify for a reduced AWA membership rate.

What are the benefits of being in the network?

In addition to regular member services and benefits, the YWP Network aims to provide information, resources and events that will improve networking and career opportunities for the next generation of water professionals and, in so doing, enhance the value of their contribution to the sustainable management of water.
YWP network activities and services vary in each branch location but may include:
  • General informative and interactive sessions on water issues
  • Social and networking events
  • Mentoring and leadership opportunities
  • Presentation/public speaking opportunities and career development sessions
  • Access to volunteer and community outreach programs
  • Conference scholarships
  • Joint events and links to other organisations
  • Attendance at the Young Water Professional National Conference every two years

Why have we set up this network?

By specifically embracing this next generation of water workers, the Australian Water Association is seeking to secure a more sustainable water future and develop a water sector that is forward looking and able to respond effectively to new social, economic and environmental dynamics.

Join the Young Water Professionals Network

We are a pretty active network and get involved in a wide range of areas within the water industry! If you or a colleague would like to keep updated on our events, then join us! To join this network you must be a member of the Australian Water Association. 

Latest News

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3. YWP Facebook page: Like the YWP page the keep abreast of news, photos and opportunities! www.facebook.com/youngwaterprofessionals 
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4. YWP LinkedIn Group Page: Make sure to join the Young Water Professionals group page to join the online  discussion! https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2081200
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Upcoming Events

YWP Events are run all around the country. To find out when the next one is, visit the Events page and filter by 'Young Water Professionals'.

Got any ideas for our network?  We are driven by our member's interests, so why not send us an email and let's see what we can do!      

Quick links

There are a number of YWP committees across the country. The most recent committees were appointed in July 2017.
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This award recognises young water professionals who have outstanding career achievements to date and who have the potential to play a large and influential role in the water industry.
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This section provides links, both within the Australian Water Association's website and externally, which serve as tools with which you may enhance your career in the water industry.
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Join the YWP Online Community.
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