WQMA Specialist Network

This network aims to strengthen technical and integrative expertise in water quality monitoring and analysis. We attract a national membership from graduates through to seasoned professionals and represent diverse AWA interests.  

As 'corporate' knowledge develops, our network will be well placed to evaluate and promote current and emerging technologies, associated R&D efforts and standards development within the Australian water and wastewater sectors.  

The network also aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing with other specialist networks, governmental departments, and national/ international water utilities. 

Our technical interests include:

  • On-line Sensors
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Microbiological and Molecular Techniques
  • Information Systems
  • Deployment Technologies
  • Process Verification
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Standards Development
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Want to join the Water Quality Monitoring & Analysis Specialist Network?

If you or a colleague would like to keep updated on the latest developments and events in water quality monitoring and analysis - then join us! To join this network you must be an AWA member. 

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We are driven by our member's interests. If you have any ideas for a project this network could work on to advance WQM&A, just send us an email and let's see what we can do!