Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence

With the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence coming to the end of its term, two key programs it developed are now being transferred to a new organisation to take forward to the next phase of implementation with the Australian water industry. 

‘WaterVal’ – formerly the National Validation Framework (NatVal) project - researched and developed water treatment validation protocols for several treatment processes commonly used in recycled water and drinking water treatment (MBR; RO; UV; Ozonation; Chlorination). These protocols are in the process of being endorsed for national use in all Australian states and territories. More information:

‘Water360’ – which grew out of the Centre’s National Demonstration Education and Engagement Project (NDEEP) – offers a suite of high quality information and education products and tools on the water cycle and water reuse in particular. The aim is to grow this range of products to encompass the water cycle and water infrastructure investment and community engagement on supply options more generally. More information:

Australian WaterSecure Innovations Ltd is the new organisation, established in consultation with the Australian water industry. It will commence operation in early July, being hosted in Brisbane at the offices of the International Water Centre. It will be working very closely with Australia’s two peak water industry associations – AWA and WSAA – as well as with all state and territory governments. More information on WaterSecure will be available through the Australian Water Association in the coming weeks.

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