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The following links have been compiled by the Source Management Specialist Committee to provide its members with further information on Trade Waste issues.
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City West Water-VIC

Hobart City Council- Tasmania

Hobart City Council Tasmania - Liquid Trade Waste

SA Water


Australian Safety & Compensation Council – Home

Australian Safety & Compensation Council -
State and Territory OHS Authorities Contact Details

Barwon Water-Vic

Barwon Water Vic-TW

Brisbane Water - Brisbane City Council

Chemical Abstracts Service

City West Water VIC - Trade Waste

DECC Bunding and spill management

Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW

Glenorchy City Council Tasmania

Gold Coast City Council

Gold Coast City Council - Trade Waste

Goulburn Valley Water VIC

Goulburn Valley Water VIC – TW


Hunter Water

Hunter Water-Tradewaste

Launceston City Council – Tasmania

Launceston City Council - Trade Waste Agreement

NSW Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability – Home

NSW Department of Water & Energy

NSW Department of Planning

NSW Government entry point Department of Planning
and Department of Natural Resources

NSW Government Natural Resources

PowerWater NT

PowerWater NT - Trade waste

SA Water-Trade Waste Overview

South East Water VIC

South East Water VIC - Trade waste

Sydney Water Web Site

Sydney Water-Trade waste

WA Water Corporation - Industrial Waste

Water Corporation WA

WaterCare- NZ

WaterCare NZ- Trade Waste Introduction

Water Services Association of Australia –
National Wastewater Source Management Guideline

Yarra Valley Water – VIC

Yarra Valley Water - Trade Waste

Source Management Technical papers

Welcome to the Source Management technical section developed by the Specialist Network committee. We welcome network members to contribute material or updates by sending an email to

Please find published papers relating to Source Management/Control listed below.

Source Management Information and Guidelines

Directory of Trade Waste Guidelines

The list below provides an overview of current trade waste guidelines from across Australia.



The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) developed a guideline that could be used to evaluate the risks associated with the wastewater which is discharged into the sewer system. 

The Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand and the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (1994) proposed national trade waste guidelines. These document suggests some guideline values for temperature, pH, oil and grease, methylene blue active substances (MBAS), ammonia, TKN, TP, sulphate, sulphite, chlorine, aluminum, iron and manganese. On the other hand, it suggests that the local authority set discharge limits on BOD5, COD, TOC, TDS and SS.


New South Wales 

The NSW Department of Water and Energy (now the NSW Office of Water, within the NSW Department of Primary Industries) developed a comprehensive Liquid Trade Waste Guidelines. These guidelines identify the likely pre-treatment required for each of the commercial operations. Also, the guidelines suggest the charges that can be levied for discharging liquid waste into sewerage system.

South Australia

SA Water has developed several trade waste fact sheets which can be used to control the trade waste being discharged from each of the commercial/industrial establishments.


The Victorian Water Industry Association and the EPA Victoria developed best practice guideline for managing trade waste by the Victorian Water Authorities. This best practice guideline include several case studies and risk assessment methods.

Northern Territory

PowerWater of Northern Territories have developed more like a manual for the trade and industry operators, which helps them to manage their trade waste by providing primary treatment before discharging into sewer system.


 Queensland has developed trade waste charging and management guidelines based on the trade and industry types.

The Brisbane Water developed its trade waste guideline based on the National Guidelines for Sewerage Systems – Acceptance of Trade Waste (Industrial Waste).


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IWA Specialist Groups

The Australian Water Association has a close relationship with IWA, both within Australia and internationally. Many of the Australian Water Association's Specialist Networks cover similar areas of the water industry to IWA's Specialist Groups.

Below are links to those Specialist Groups that we feel will be of most relevance to the Liquid Trade Waste Specialist network and may provide a more international perspective.