Industrial Water and Trade Waste Specialist Network


The Industrial Water & Trade Waste Specialist Network strives to consider how various industries use and manage water to ensure the correct quality, quantity and access is available.  In addition it will focus on how wastewater discharged from commercial, industrial, laboratory or trade activities is managed to achieve the Five (5) Key Wastewater Input Management Objectives:

  • Safety of People
  • Protection of Assets (Pipes, Plant and Equipment)
  • Protection of Treatment Processes
  • Facilitation of Regulatory & Licence Compliance
  • Facilitation of Recycling
This network is here to enhance the profile of the industry and its people and to ensure we can provide a public medium to discuss and debate government regulations and policies affecting the water industry and also to provide support on how water is best used and managed by industrial water users.

For more information please contact:
Natasha Stapleton
Member Engagement Manager