Industrial Water and Trade Waste Specialist Network


Call for Nominations Opening Soon for Industrial Water & Trade Waste Committee 2020 – 2022.
You must be a Member of the Australian Water Association to nominate for the committee.

Dr Ali Ranjabtoreh, Design Manager, TasWater

Dr Ali Ranjbartoreh, CPENG, RPEQ, NDT II has 14 years’ experience in water, wastewater and stormwater industries. Dr Ranjbartoreh has combined academic knowledge and industrial experiences in the field of Water and wastewater Engineering. Ali has carried out numerous design, construction, design assessment, certification, remedial works, condition monitoring, reliability assessment on treatment plants, distribution lines, storage tanks, pumping stations and irrigation systems. 

He has provided engineering services for municipalities, utilities, regional councils and various industries in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, Europe and Asia.  He has received awards for excellence in engineering and innovative designs during his career.

Jurgen H Thiele, Business Unit Leader, Calibre Consulting

Jürgen has 39 years anaerobic digestion process research, design, implementation and treatment system commissioning experience. He has applied this knowhow (Microbial Biotechnology) to a wide range of anaerobic digester systems for trade and industrial waste in Europe, North America, Australia, SE Asia and New Zealand.  
Jürgen is often called upon to advise water companies, municipalities, industrial partners, investor groups and government agencies on aspects of digester process design, economics, operation performance improvements and process trouble shooting.  
In his international career, Jurgen has led industrial, academic and government funded R&D teams in the USA, Germany, New Zealand, Thailand and The Philippines (over 50 publications, 4 patents). Key outcomes were improved systems for high rate biogas production from waste, high rate biogas production from fat, oil and grease and use of recuperative thickening to increase sludge digester capacities. The application of this technology portfolio in municipal digester plants were recognized with the Ronald Hicks memorial award (2010, WaterNZ) and the InnovateNZ Award (2015, ACENZ).
With primary focus on low cost measures for optimising wastewater treatment process health & stability, Jürgen’s input has resulted in up to 3-fold improved energy and fertiliser production in existing sludge digesters providing treatment plant energy self-sufficiency, “nett zero” greenhouse gas emissions, asset operation cost reductions and enabled new council income sources from trade waste gate fees. This has been particular relevant for process upgrades of municipal sludge digesters for co-digestion of industrial DAF sludge, municipal trade waste and WWTP sludge. Recent other related projects were numerous biosolids digestion efficiency (capacity) upgrades at municipal WWTPs.  Further, the thermophilic sludge digester start-up and optimisation (TPAD) at a number of mesophilic municipal WWTPs (from C-grade fertiliser to A grade quality with doubled volatile solids destruction rates and efficiencies).

Martin Connolly, Managing Director, Wastelink
Bio will be available shortly.

Kerry Hall, Managing Director, Halgan
As founder, owner and managing director of Halgan Pty Ltd, Kerry Hall has 35 years experience and expertise in the fields of plumbing, trade waste and hydraulic engineering. Kerry has designed, patented and manufactured a full range of trade waste products, and continues to develop new and innovative products at Halgan’s rotational moulding factories based in Sydney and Brisbane. 

Under Kerry’s guidance, Halgan Pty Ltd was the first company in Australia to gain National Approval and Certification of grease traps, through collaborative consultation with the Water Services Association of Australia, local Water Authorities, local government and local Councils Australia wide. Kerry also works with Water Authorities and Governments in PNG, New Zealand, Fiji, United Arab Emirates and the Pacific Waste Water Authority. Kerry has years of experience and active involvement within the trade waste industry, from the installation process through to product design, manufacturing, development and evolving technical aspects.

Para Parameshwaran, Technical Specialist, Sydney Water
Dr Para Parameshwaran is a Technical Specialist within the Major Customers team at Sydney Water which manages the Trade Wastewater discharge among other things. Para has over 25 years of experience in water industry with the experience and knowledge in trade wastewater management, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, water efficiency, Membrane treatment processes for water and wastewater, biosolids management and cleaner production. 

Working at Sydney water for past 12 years in trade wastewater management and demand management areas, his current role involves guiding the team with policy development, assisting with emerging pollutants management and pre-treatment products authorisation.

Prior to joining Sydney Water, he worked at University of New South Wales for eight year carrying out research projects focusing on wastewater treatment and reuse using membrane processes with the industry partners. Para also worked in a team that developed Biosolids Management Strategies for Bangkok Metropolitan Area, one of the detailed section in this strategy was source control options to improve the biosolids quality so that it can be beneficially reused. Para gained PhD from University of New South Wales for his research work on Membrane Process for Water Reuse. He is a Civil Engineer by profession and holds Master of Engineering degree on Water and Wastewater Engineering. 

Paul Hudson, Senior Trade Waste Inspector, Mackay Regional Council 
As a Plumbing Contractor, I operated my own small business for 6 years in Sydney during the late 1990’s – early 2000’s. In 2006, my family and I took the sea change to Mackay in North Queensland. Through completing Sydney Water CPD courses on Trade Waste, I gained the interest and understanding of the importance of correct trade waste regulation by water authorities. I commenced employment with Mackay Regional Council as a Trade Waste Inspector in July 2006, which corresponded with the implementation of the Mackay Regional Council Trade Waste Management Plan after the recent commissioning of their waste water recycling facility. In 2010, I was appointed Senior TW Inspector. 

For the past twelve years I have overseen the implementation of Trade Waste requirements throughout the Mackay region. My current position requires me to effectively manage and develop the trade waste team and provide leadership. My tasks also include liaising with many Mackay business people and developing strategies for community and stakeholder engagement, along with providing direction through effective communication.