Biosolids are a solid product from sewage treatment processes and have been treated in a way to make them safe for further use.

The Biosolids Management Network's scope is to develop and promote increased research and technical information on biosolids so as to assist in achieving better acceptance of its reuse in the community.

Australian Water Association members who are interested in solutions to the disposal and reuse of water and wastewater sludges particularly those from sewage treatment are encouraged to join the biosolids specialist network. In this network, your volunteer committee members work to improve the profile and understanding of biosolids in the community. More directly from the member viewpoint, they organize and deliver, with assistance from the Australian Water Association events managers, a highly successful biennial specialist conference where the latest research, technologies and developments in the management of biosolids are highlighted with keynote speakers of international prominence.

The Australian Water Association would like to encourage any member interested in biosolids - and especially its use, to join this network.

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