WEN Committee Members 2015 - 2017


The role of the WEN network is to guide and champion prioritised WEN actions that enhance water education in early childhood, schools, higher education and the community. And provide professional development opportunities for those working in the field.

Emily Rockwell
Water Corporation, WA

Jenny Hiller
Yarra Valley Water, VIC

David Gaskell
Northrop (NSW)

Charles Lemckert
Griffith University, QLD

Mary Rowland
Aquis Education, QLD

Gina Harvey
TasWater, TAS

Jenifer Simpson
Sunshine Coast Environment Council, QLD

 Nonie Taylor
Sydney Water (NSW)

Avanish Panikkar
KMH Environmental, NSW

Jana Marschall
Seqwater, QLD



Chairperson: Emily Rockwell, Community Education Manager, Water Corporation (WA)

Emily RockwellEmily has worked as an environmental educator since 2005. She has been the Community Education Manager at Water Corporation since 2012. Water Corporation is the principal supplier of water, wastewater and drainage service in Western Australia. Our services, projects and activities span over 2.6 million square kilometres.

Previously Emily worked as the Education Advisor for Hawke's Bay Regional Council in New Zealand from 2005-2011. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Tennessee, USA where she grew up. Emily is passionate about science and education. Through her role at Water Corporation, she has directed many projects that help enable schools across WA to include water in their curriculum and is looking forward to expanding education programs to the wider community. Emily has been an active member of AWA WEN since 2012 and the Chairperson since 2014.

Co-Chairperson: Jenny Kenshole, Education Program Manager, Yarra Valley Water

Jenny Kenshole

Jenny is the Education Program Manager at Yarra Valley Water, the largest of Melbourne’s three water retailers. Since beginning there in 2007, Jenny has implemented various water education offerings to Yarra Valley Water’s 600+ schools and 480+ early learning centres. Education offerings have included the Water – Learn it! Live it! Accreditation Program, school excursions, teacher professional development days, National Water Week poster and short film, Choose Tap School and Early Education Programs and she is currently project managing the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) across Victoria on behalf of DELWP and DET.

Prior to working in the water industry, Jenny worked as a secondary math and science teacher and has been an active member of both the Victorian and Australian Water Educators Networks since 2012.

David Gaskell, Senior Civil Engineer, Northrop Engineers

David Gaskell

David is the senior civil engineer at Northrop Engineers and has over 40 years’ experience in civil engineering, gained in state government, manufacturing, consultancy and contracting. His broad experience covers investigation, design, construction, supervision and project management of many land development, water supply, wastewater, stormwater and civil infrastructure projects. He has specialist knowledge in hydraulic design and construction, has lectured in the subject at UWS and TAFE, has published textbooks and design manuals, as well as administered construction projects.

David has been involved in many major pipelines for water and electricity authorities, Railcorp and RMS, councils, mining, land developers and major builders in all states of Australia as well as overseas. He has lead and built-up serval civil teams and particularly enjoys mentoring younger engineers. He is an approved major pipeline designer with both Sydney Water Corporation and Hunter Water Corporation.

Gina Harvey, Education Coordinator, TasWater

Gina Harvey

Gina is TasWater’s Education Coordinator and is leading the development of educational resources including incursions and excursions across Tasmania. TasWater is the supplier of water and waste water services in Tasmania and while there are some key challenges with aging infrastructure, there is a commitment from the organisation to improve services to many of our regional areas. The education program will contribute to these goals by ‘connecting’ with our customers, whether they are three years of age or 63 and help to develop that value of the water service.

Gina’s passion for education stemmed from her time in the forest resources sector where she developed and delivered educational resources and regularly engaged with the community in some of Tasmania’s most spectacular forests. Gina has recently completed a Master’s of Business and has been an active member of the WEN Committee since 2013.

Professor Charles Lemckert, Head of Civil Engineering, Griffith School of Engineering, Griffith University

Professor Charles Lemckert

Charles Lemckert is Head of Discipline, Civil Engineering at Griffith School of Engineering. Professor Lemckert has active research interests in the fields of physical limnology, coastal systems, environmental monitoring techniques, environmental fluid dynamics, coastal zone management and engineering education. Along with his postgraduate students and research partners he is undertaking research studies on water treatment pond design (for recycling purposes), the dynamics of drinking water reservoirs, the study of whale migration in South East Queensland Waters, end ocean mixing dynamics. He is also an active member of the CRC Polymer, where he is leading a study on the evaluation of evaporation reduction techniques.

Jana Marschall, Team Leader Community Relations, Seqwater

Jana Marschall

Jana has 12 years' experience in community engagement, community development, communications and social research. She has an acute understanding of the water industry, in particular bulk water supply in Queensland, having worked for state authorities Seqwater and SunWater, and local authority Maroochy Water Services.

As Team Leader for Community Relations at Seqwater, Jana manages the community development portfolio, including Education Program that hosts learning experiences for more than 10,000 people and students each year. This includes managing relationships with a network of 900 educators across South East Queensland, including communications, consultation, public relations, events and education resources.

Jana is a member of the Communications and Education Working Group for Healthy Waterways and the state government’s Queensland Collaborative Water Educators Network.

Avanish Panikkar, Senior Waste/Wastewater Engineer, KMH Environmental

Avanish Panikkar

Avanish is the Senior Waste/Wastewater Engineer and Auditor at KMH Environmental. He has 15 years’ experience across consulting, research, academic and industrial sectors in environmental engineering with capabilities in water quality, wastewater treatment, organic waste management, environmental management, water efficiency, environmental compliance audits, quality management and project management. His past work includes academic teaching on water related subjects, AWA's WASH committee and public awareness campaigns into water resources concerns (such as stormwater management) and cleaner production.

Avanish is an accredited Principal (Exemplar Global) / Lead (ACI Global) Environmental Auditor, he is well published with peer reviewed papers and book contributions on the topics of organic waste management, risk assessment, wastewater treatment and water resources. Prior to joining KMH, Avanish managed a number of projects in the water and wastewater sector including the Sydney and Victorian Desalination Plant verification, several STP improvements. Avanish has also worked on innovative wastewater treatment technologies.

Jenifer Simpson OAM

Jenifer Simpson

Jenifer Simpson (B.Sc., Birmingham, UK) had experience in teaching chemistry and physics before becoming an industrial chemist in the food and household product industry. She spent fifteen years roaming the world in a yacht, and then settled on a farm in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland where she bred donkeys. Jenifer became interested in water management issues in 1992 when the valley in which she lived was threatened by a water storage dam. She was struck by the profound lack of understanding in the community of water. She has visited over 100 sewage treatment plants and travelled widely to find out how water is managed in various parts of the world and is a strong advocate for water recycling

Jenifer served on the Australian Water Association's Queensland Branch Committee for more than ten years. Her role on the committee has been to help to forge links between AWA and the broader community and raise awareness of water management issues. She chaired the Queensland Government’s Water Recycling Strategy, Communication and Awareness Technical Advisory Group and has organised numerous workshops, information days and forums.

As a Project Officer for Water Management Issues for the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, she is involved in water management issues in her local community.

Leonie Taylor, Production Officer, Sydney Water

Nonie is an Environmental Engineer with 13 years' experience in the water industry as well as a qualified high school Science teacher. Nonie is currently working for Sydney Water as a team leader at a small wastewater treatment plant.

Nonie is passionate about all things water and wastewater and wants to inspire the next generation to be outward looking in the way they view their world and the resources they have been blessed with.