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Business Excellence Workshop @ Ozwater'14

The Sustainability Specialist Network held a successful workshop at OzWater'14 exploring tools for business excellence in decision-making. The presentations and resources from the event are now available for download below.

Many thanks to Dr Bob Humphries for bringing this event together and facilitating on the day. 

Workshop outline

Most businesses and governments use deterministic financial analysis to calculate nett present value (NPV) as the major criterion to choose amongst competing options.  This approach has many flaws, particularly as it neglects explicit consideration and valuation of critical ‘externalities’ in the social and environmental domains, and its deterministic financial estimates are very vulnerable to changing circumstances.

Much better techniques exist by which tSocial Environment Tool - DYKSTRAhe most robust option from the combination of social, environmental and financial standpoints can be chosen. The workshop covered how to think about the design of improved policies and projects, and provide introductory background knowledge of improved techniques such as Advanced Cost-Benefit Analysis and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).  The application of ‘sustainable thinking’ combined with better analytical approaches was illustrated by case studies that demonstrate practical implementation of these techniques that when properly applied result in better, more resilient business decisions. This workshop intended to raise awareness of improved approaches to sustainable thinking and decision-making.

Resources/ Presentations

Dr Paul Hardisty - Environmental and Economic Sustainability Assessment (EESA) for Decision-Making

Corey Dykstra - Social Environment Tool

Dr Robert Humphries - ‘Designing-in’ sustainability –creating maximum value from business problems – a case study

Dr Paul Hardisty - Case Study in Practice