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Small Water and Wastewater Systems links

The following links have been compiled by the SWWS Specialist Network Committee to provide its members with further information on Small Water and Wastewater Systems issues.
Whilst efforts will be made to keep it as up to date as possible, we welcome network members to contribute material or updates by sending them to

This page provides information about the following categories:



  • Excellent grey watersite. Covers technical, public health requirements and regulations for each state
  • Recycled Water in Australia - inform and share knowledge about recycling water from wastewater (recycled water) in Australia. Also publish ReWater eMagazine.


  • The Urban Water Security Research Alliance has been formed to address South-East Queensland's emerging urban water issues. Includes research on the role of decentralised systems in urban water systems.

South Australia

  • SA Water Plumbers page- information on drainlaying, venting, expansion joints, recycled water systems, backflow prevention, rising mains etc

IWA Specialist Groups

The Australian Water Association has a close relationship with IWA, both within Australia and internationally. Many of the Australian Water Association's Specialist Networks cover similar areas of the water industry to IWA's Specialist Groups.

Below are links to those Specialist Groups that we feel will be of most relevance to the SWWS Specialist network and may provide a more international perspective.

Reports and Presentations

This area will feature a selection of papers related to decentralised and on-site systems, originated at SWWS conferences, seminars and workshops. We are also keen to provide international and national papers related to Small Water and Wasterwater Systems as a way for AWA members to share their knowledge, exchange expertise and learn from each other.

If you are the author of a paper, or have a suggestion for a paper that may be of interest, please send an email to


Sarah West's Overseas Tour - Innovative On-site and Decentralised Sewage Treatment, Recycling and Management Systems in Northern Europe & the USA

This is a report of the findings from a study tour of the best practice in small community scale (<2000 EP) ecologically sustainable sewage treatment, management and reuse systems in northern Europe and the USA, undertaken from February to November in the year 2000. The journey was actually a dual study tour where 5 months were spent searching for (and sometimes finding) innovative sewerage systems and the other 5 months researching 23 ecovillages (i.e. ecological intentional communities).


This section contains a variety of presentations that have originated from events relating to Small Water & Wastewater Systems.

Dr Kevin White - University of South Alabama

Dr Ben Kele - Centre for Plant & Water Science, Central Queensland University

Francis Pamminger - Yarra Valley Water

Dr Clare Diaper - CSIRO Land and Water