Environmental water managers are held accountable for the management of environmental water.
In 2008, the National Water Commission (NWC) found that environmental water managers had not been fully recognised or resourced, and too often lacked clear identity, authority and sufficient financial and technical capacity to carry out their responsibilities effectively.
In 2009, the NWC funded the establishment of the Community of Practice for Environmental Water Managers and its activities for the first two years. The National Water Commission engaged the Australian Water Association to deliver this project. After this, the Community’s future relied on member interest in the Community continuing, and it becoming self-sustaining by generating sufficient support to thrive and deliver value to its members.
In 2010, as the project was drawing to a close, members of the community were surveyed to gauge their opinions on the future activities of the community. Over 85 per cent of respondents saw value and benefit in remaining a member of the Community. The Australian Water Association and NWC responded to this substantial support by collaborating to offer an on-going national platform for Environmental Water Managers, in the form of this Specialist Network.