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Australia lends a hand to drought-affected provinces in Vietnam

The Government of Vietnam is currently taking active measures to improve water use efficiency and water productivity, focusing on the agriculture sector which consumes most surface and groundwater available. With support from the Asian Development Bank, the Government is preparing an investment project of $120 million to modernise irrigation water management in five drought-affected provinces. In order to assist with the initial phase of the project, during the last week of October, the Australian Water Association in partnership with RM Consulting Group and with support from the Australian Water Partnership facilitated an in-bound delegation of 24 Vietnam water professionals to regional parts of South Australia and Victoria.

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Largest Australian delegation to ever visit Vietnam

The Australia-Vietnam relationship has reached a new high with the Australian Water Association facilitating the largest Australian delegation to ever visit Vietnam. In total, 92 individuals representing 42 companies participated in a week long program which provided a range of business development opportunities as well as furthering each participant’s awareness of the cultural barriers that exist.

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Sharing Australia's water resource management journey on a global scale

Australia has a lot to be grateful for when it comes to Water Resource Management however, there are many lessons which continue to be learned and a proactive response is required if the National Water Initiatives are going to be fully realised. These were the key takings from a variety of stakeholders from New Zealand who participated in a tour of the Murray-Darling Basin, facilitated by the Australian Water Association.

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Chinese delegation visits Australian Water Association

The Australian Water Association recently supported a delegation of 18 Chinese government officials representing the Hubei Provincial Committee Organization Department. The Hubei Province is a key water supply source for many northern regions and is well known for the site of the Three Gorges Dam. The province is currently experiencing challenges around pollution management of its river systems as well as the ongoing threat of drought.

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Association hosts Japanese delegation to learn about sewage facility maintenance

On Monday 10 July, the Australian Water Association facilitated a visit from a delegation of 27 Japanese Water Professionals to Sydney as part of an International exchange on maintenance and management of sewer facilities. The purpose of the trip was to learn from Australia’s approach in managing sewerage systems.

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Sharing Australian expertise with South Korean water industry

The Australian water industry has much to teach in regards to our approach to wastewater treatment, water recycling, and disposal of waste. On Tuesday 16 May 2017 (Day 1 of Ozwater’17) the Australian Water Association hosted a South Korean delegation of 17 public officers from water supply, drainage and wastewater management divisions. The delegation was taken on a tour of the Exhibition Hall and introduced to Ozwater’17 exhibitors.

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India’s water challenges are profound

On Monday 26 June, the Australian Water Association participated in an executive breakfast seminar which was hosted by the Australian Government (Austrade) on “India’s national urbanisation initiatives – opportunities for trade in resilience”. The speaker was Mr Vikram Mehta, Chairman of the Brookings Institute India, an affiliate of the Washington based Brookings Institution, which has been ranked as the most influential think tank in the world for nine consecutive years.

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MoU signing with Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association

On Day 1 of Ozwater’17 (Tuesday, 16 May 2017) the Australian Water Association Chief Executive, Jonathan McKeown, and Immediate Past President, Peter Moore PSM, signed a MoU with the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association (KWWA), South Korea’s peak water association.

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Australian Water Association fosters collaboration between the Indonesian and Australian water sectors at Ozwater’17

An Indonesian delegation of 8 water professionals recently came to Australia to learn from the experiences of Australia’s water reform journey.

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Twinning Program in full flight

The Australian and Vietnam Water Association’s twinning program, supported by the Australian Water Partnership, has now commenced after the signing of Twinning agreements at Ozwater’17. This includes the successful completion of the first trips by Vietnam utilities to Australian utilities adjacent to Ozwater’17.

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Ozwater’17 sees the largest international audience to visit Australia

During Ozwater’17 the Australian Water Association hosted a large International audience with over 100 delegates attending from outside of Australia. The Association facilitated support for a delegation of 43 from Vietnam, a delegation of nine from Indonesia as well as playing host to smaller delegations from Korea, Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

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The Association pilots advanced low cost water treatment technology to increase access to safe drink water in rural area of Vietnam

As part of their work in Vietnam, the Australian Water Association has facilitated SkyJuice Foundation Inc. (SkyJuice) to pilot innovative membrane water treatment technology in a rural area of Chieng Mai and Chieng Ban commune, Son La Province, Vietnam. This project is funded by the InnovationXchange, a program of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Wannon Water makes first visit as part of Twinning Program

As part of the Association's Twinning Program, Gary McLay, Branch Manager Asset Systems at Wannon Water has made his first visit to Binh Duong Water Supply & Environment Company (BiWASE) to deliver a course to BiWASE's senior managers on understanding the concepts and practices of asset management as undertaken in Australia.

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Australian Water Association Member Pacific Environment secures contract with Vietnam water utility

Pacific Environment, one of the delegates who joined the Association's mission to Vietwater in November 2016, has now entered into an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with QUAWACO (the Vietnam water utility covering the area around Ha Long Bay) to trial EnviroSuite – a Decision support tool that maximises operational efficiency by gathering real-time data from multiple sources into a single repository, providing display, instant analysis, automated reporting and alerts. Pacific Environment is also in discussions with a number of other water utility companies, government organisations, industrial clients and aquaculture companies in Vietnam regarding the implementation of EnviroSuite for both air and water quality monitoring. For further information please contact Alex Cheal from Pacific Environment at: or Nicky Lee at

Association supports Australian Government with Global Heads of Mission Meeting and high level delegation from Vietnam

Australian ambassadors from across the world met for a Global Heads of Mission Meeting from 28-30 March 2017 in Canberra. This brought together, for the first time, ambassadors, high commissioners and consuls-general to discuss foreign trade and development policy objectives and the global environment in which we are seeking to achieve them. Read how the Association is supporting the mission by facilitating a program for a high level delegation from Vietnam.

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Association kicks off international twinning program

Australia’s water expertise is now enabling Vietnam’s water utility sector to achieve their water reform objectives with the launch of a twinning program between five Australian utilities and five Vietnamese utilities.

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Australian innovation saving lives in Vietnam

The Australian Water Association and the SkyJuice Foundation Inc. have announced a partnership to deliver an innovative drinking water technology project for needy communities in Vietnam.

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Sharing our learning on an international stage

Towards the end of last year, the Associations’ International Program supported a delegation of 16 public sector wastewater professionals from South Korea to visit a variety of sites across Australia to learn about best practice in Storm Water management.

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Australian water sector builds business at Vietwater

Water businesses involved in the Australian Water Association’s delegation to Vietwater Expo & Forum 2016 reported business leads valued at more than $15 million as a result of the five-day event.

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Day 4 at Vietwater 2016

Day 4 of the exhibition involved a wide range of workshops and technical seminars organised by the Australian Water Association and the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association.

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Day 3 at Vietwater 2016

The opening day of Vietwater 2016 commenced on 9 November at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre where over 10,000 delegates made their way through the exhibition.

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Day 2 at Vietwater 2016

Following the in-country briefing on the first day of Vietwater, the Australian delegates had a site tour to Mekong Water Utilities on 8 November, the second day of their mission.

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Day 1 at Vietwater 2016

November 7 marked the first day of the Australian delegation mission to Vietwater 2016 where Australian delegates had an in-country briefing.

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AWA signs MoU with Vietnam Women’s Union

The Australian Water Association’s International Team undertook a mission to Hanoi, Vietnam on 9 September 2016 to sign a MoU with the Vietnam Women’s Union.

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AWA signs MoU with Indonesia

The Australian Water Association CEO Jonathan McKeown signed a MoU with PERPAMSI, Indonesia’s peak water association in Jakarta in September 2016.

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Australian water delegation to Vietnam – program now available

The program for the Australian water delegation to Vietnam 7-11 November 2016 is now available for download.

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Achieving UN water goals demands new approach

Australia must change its approach to tackling water and sanitation issues if it is to meet the United Nations’ most recent goals for sustainable development, according to a newly released paper.

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Connecting the Australian and Vietnam water sectors

The Australian Water Association CEO and the Association’s International Team undertook a mission to Vietnam to progress a program of activities to connect the Vietnam and Australian water sectors 4-9 July 2016.

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Strengthening Indonesia

To showcase Australian capabilities and technological innovations in water quality management, the Association in partnership with the ANZ Bank and Austrade, coordinated a workshop on water quality and technology transfer at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta on 28 June 2016.

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Indonesia mission in June 2016

Australia and Indonesia share many common challenges when it comes to safe, secure, efficient and sustainable water management. The Australian Water Association is coordinating a water quality workshop in Jakarta on 28 June. This workshop is one of a series of activities the Association will deliver to facilitate closer relationship between the Australian and Indonesian water sectors.

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Inbound tour from South Korea

South Korea’s extraordinary economic success story has co-existed with one of the world’s most significant water challenges. The climate condition delivers a year’s rain in three months, followed by an intense, extended drought. Naturally, both water resources and stormwater management are high on the government’s list of priorities. On 8 June, the Australian Water Association hosted a group of 15 Korean delegates from Korea Waterworks Metropolitan Government to visit innovative water management sites in NSW. The site visit has provided the Korean delegates with broad knowledge of Australia’s water reform journey, with a focus on Water Sensitive Urban Design and stormwater re-use.

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AWA hosts Ha Tinh delegation from Vietnam to Australia

Ha Tinh, one of the 3 most impacted provinces in Vietnam was chosen by International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) to undertake further analysis to understand on-the-ground climate change impacts in the representative agro-ecological zones. In response to a follow up analysis by IFAD of how the province is addressing climate change issues in their development planning, representatives of the People’s Committee and Government of Ha Tinh Province has made a trip to Australia for a study tour of sites relevant to water management and climate change response in Sydney and Melbourne from 1-11 April 2016.

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Symposium on opportunities for the Australian water sector in Vietnam

Vietnam and Australia share many common challenges when it comes to water management, and water plays a critical role in both nations’ economic growth and the well-being of our populations. We are both experiencing new climate extremes featuring record droughts, floods and temperatures. Join us at a seminar on 1 April 2016 to hear Paul Smith, International Manager - Australian Water Association, explore streams, outline next steps in the development of the Vietnam-Australia program and to explore opportunities for collaboration between NMI, the broader Australian water sector and the Vietnam water sector.

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Putting innovation for challenging environments on the agenda in Cambodia

Relieving sanitation issues in developing countries requires getting innovation on the agenda for challenging environments, according to the AWA Young Water Professional of the Year 2015.

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Building closer relations with the Indonesian water sector

The Australian Water Association has been hosting a series of visits by PDAM's (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum, regional water authorities from around Indonesia). The PDMA's are keen to visit Australia to see firsthand what can be done to improve water quality and efficiency.

Read more in the September issue of the Water Journal

Australian water delegation to California 6-11 June 2015

After four years of drought the Californian Government is taking steps to reduce water consumption and improve water efficiency. In June 2015 the Australian Water Association hosted a delegation to the ACE15 conference in Anaheim, California, providing an ideal opportunity to showcase Australia's water efficiency technology.

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Australia and Vietnam sign a MoU for water

Vietnam has made significant progress with increasing access to safe and secure water and wastewater management in the past 10 years – however, much remains to be done regarding consolidation of tariff reforms, development of public/private partnership arrangements, strategic planning, transparent and competent regulation, and water quality improvement. Further, the rise of sea levels and new extremes in drought and flood contribute additional challenges for the Vietnam water sector.

In support of the Vietnam Government’s objectives for overcoming these challenges, AWA and the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Hanoi on 16 January 2015. The purpose of the MOU is to foster closer economic cooperation and assist the Vietnam water sector to navigate through new extremes in climate and the associated challenges in the provision of safe, secure, sustainable and efficient water management solutions. 

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2014 Australian water delegation to California - Dialogue on drought solutions

With California facing one of the most severe droughts on record, in January 2015 the state’s Governor, Jerry Brown, declared a drought state of emergency and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages. Rainfall in some of the most populous parts of the state has been all but non-existent; since July 1 2014, San Francisco has experienced about 35 per cent of its normal quota of rainfall, while Los Angeles has received less than 10 per cent of the average over the same period. Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada basin – the water bank for much of California – stands at less than half of the average. By all accounts, California is in the grip of a truly historic drought that will cost the state and the country billions of dollars.

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