Australian water sector supports improvements in Vietnamese water utility performance

Political and economic reforms launched in 1986 have transformed Vietnam within a quarter of a century from one of the poorest countries in the world to a lower-middle income country. Water, and the efforts of many to reform its management, has played a vital role.

However, water infrastructure and services have often not kept pace with economic development, threatening to hold back further equitable growth and sustainable development. 

Ageing water supply systems struggle to cope with rapid growth in demand, and environmental management services are not adequately dealing with the final treatment and disposal of liquid or solid waste. 

Rising sea levels and new extremes in drought and flood events are compounding the challenges facing the Vietnamese water sector.

These challenges have also been faced by the Australian water sector and the purpose of the Australia-Vietnam Water Utility Improvement Program (WUIP) has been the transfer of expertise and technological innovations to deal with these challenges between:
Son La Water Company – Cairns Regional Council, Water and Waste
Saigon Water Corporation – Seqwater 
Binh Duong Water Company – Wannon Water
Phu Tho Water Company – Coliban Water
Hue Water Company – Western Australia Water Corporation 

The WUIP program has been supporting the increasing expansion of water and wastewater management facilities in Vietnam through the transfer of skills for business planning, finance and contract management, as well as technical skills essential for operation and maintenance of new and existing facilities. A short video of the program can be viewed here.

Outcomes achieved include:
Asset management – deliver practical approaches to support asset management capabilities
Water technology – implementation of new and efficient approaches to introduce innovative drinking water technologies
Minimising non-revenue water - introduction and trialling of technologies to reduce non-revenue water 
Operationalising water safety plans – transfer of knowledge to enable development and implementation of risk management approaches
Business management and customer engagement – transfer of knowledge and tools to ensure customer and community engagement 


The overarching benefit for the Vietnamese water sector will be improved water services for over 16,850,000 customers.

Through the ongoing support of the Australian Water Partnership, the participating Vietnamese utilities are now able to share their experiences with other Vietnamese water utilities who deliver water services to over 60 million customers across Vietnam.


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