Vietnam Projects

AWA Project: Facilitating improvements to safe drinking water in Khanh Hoa Province through technology and capacity building

This project seeks to undertake support for four provinces across Vietnam who have limited access to safe drinking water systems. The project will focus on:

  1. Facilitating demonstrations of advanced, low cost Australian water technology and innovation that increases access to safe drinking water
  2. Facilitating increased capacity to deliver safe drinking water
  3. Facilitating pathways to commercial partnerships and private sector participation

The work undertaken by the Australian Water Association will assist Vietnam to further develop their water management skills and use of technology to deliver safe drinking water supplies.

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AWA Project: Pilot low cost technologies to increase access to safe drinking water in Son La Province

This project seeks to increase access to safe drinking water in 2 communes in Son La Province through the installation of three types of water treatment technology.

  1. Installation of one drinking water membrane treatment kiosk and community collection point at Chieng Mai community hall providing up to 10,000 L/day of safe drinking water.
  2. Installation of one drinking water membrane treatment tower at Chieng Mai Primary School, providing up to 10,000 L/day of safe drink water.
  3. Handover of 20 small membrane water treatment filters in locations of greatest community impact. This small filters each deliver up to 100 L/day of safe drinking water

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AWA Project: Strengthening the governance and service delivery of Vietnam water sector

The outcomes include:

  1. A review of Vietnam’s legal framework and ongoing reforms across the water sector that includes recommendations for improved interagency coordination - clarifying roles and responsibilities to enable greater private sector participation. 
  2. Strengthening the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association to increase its relevance to the Vietnam water sector by accessing Australian water expertise and technology and broadening membership through a focus on rural water service providers and the private sector.    
  3. Trade and business development including inbound and outbound delegations between Australia and Vietnam.


AWA Project: Development of a feasibility study (FS) on a flagship Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Water Utility

This project is delivering a FS on a PPP Flagship Project site that brings together public and private sector participation from Australia and Vietnam to deliver a new form of economic diplomacy that can lead to commercially sustainable water projects in Vietnam. The PPP Project will embed leading technology and service capabilities from Australia into the selected site to enable it to attract new investment to lift productivity, service levels, and customer engagement under a commercially sustainable tariff regime.  

The outcome is to help Vietnam to strengthen its private sector, create a more competitive economy and mobilise domestic and international financing for nation building projects.

The long term outcomes are:

  • To raise the profile of the Australian water sector’s skills and capabilities in Vietnam and provide a platform for trade and business development between these water sectors.   
  • To provide opportunities for Australian SMEs, individuals and large corporations to gain valuable experience and pursue new business opportunities in this fast emerging market. 
  • To improve service delivery and strengthen the financial and investment structures of Vietnam’s water sector to enable it to obtain more direct private sector involvement.
  • To assist the provincial GoV in enhancing water quality control capacity to ensure quality of services to be provided to rural people.

The overall goal of the PPP Program in Vietnam is to support the Vietnam Government in achieving its goals of developing a more market-orientated water sector, internationally competitive economy with increased productivity and accelerated growth in employment and income within the water sector. Decree 15 on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) released in February 2015 provides the platform for enabling private sector participation in Vietnam. The project will deliver a FS on a Public Private Partnership water supply scheme that can showcase Decree 15 and provide a model for commercially sustainable water projects in Vietnam.

Flagship PPP in Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh has been selected by the Australian Embassy in Hanoi as the preferred PPP site consisting of a land use area of approximately 6,000m2 for the upgrading of both a pumping station and the treatment station. The head works and treatment station will be located in Trung Dong commune, Truc Ninh District, Nam Dinh Province. The PPP project will deliver water supply from the Project Site with design capacity of 5,000m3 per day-night taking water from the Red River. The project will supply water to 27,000 people (accounting for 95% of the population of Project Area). The proposed water supply scheme will increase access to water supply, improving the health and quality of life of the rural population of Nam Dinh Province.