Carbon Neutral Adelaide Success Stories - Event wrap-up

Carbon Neutral WorkshopIn April 2018, the SA YWP Committee hosted a ‘Carbon Neutral Adelaide Workshop’ to foster collaboration on achieving sustainable outcomes by examining sustainability efforts in different facets of a business, such as procurement, energy consumption, and waste management. The workshop was proudly sponsored by Broadspectrum and facilitated by Dsquared, Adelaide’s leading specialist sustainability consultancy practice, who kicked off the session with an overview of the carbon neutral landscape in Adelaide and some of the challenges ahead. 

The room was then divided into smaller groups to encourage discussion and participants were given several thought provoking questions to ponder. After each question, groups were invited to share key points with the whole room. This resulted in an interesting mix of discussion, such as successful examples seen overseas, particularly in Japan, as well as how working from home could impact several businesses’ facets (e.g. waste management, transport, building energy, water use) and also questioning accountability- should it lie with consumers, organisations or government?

The event concluded with an imagination of the future, where sustainability is widely acknowledged to be beneficial to human and environmental health, where sustainability is no longer a niche but a driving force, and where sustainability has been achieved and regenerative design is taking over.

The Networking Nexus: Connect, Adapt, Develop - Event wrap-up

Fifty water industry professionals recently gathered at the University of Adelaide Hub Mezzanine Space for the SA YWP event “The Networking Nexus: Connect, Adapt, Develop.” The evening, sponsored by ICEWarm (International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources), began with a light hearted game of Never Have I Ever, with attendees getting to know one another over such statements as, “Never have I ever got a job or opportunity by a seemingly random string of events” and “Never have I ever been called by the wrong name…for a while.” 

The buzz in the room was palpable as the group settled for presentations from Niki Robinson (Manager Water and Sewerage Infrastructure Regulation, Office of the Technical Regulator) and Kane Aldridge (Director, Goyder Institute). The audience certainly appreciated Niki and Kane’s practical approaches to networking and honest answers to questioning during the facilitated couch discussion! Niki reminded us that we all already have the skills to network successfully but we need to make sure we apply the three Ps: go to a networking event with a Purpose, undergo Preparation and be Proud and Passionate but always genuine. Kane echoed this sentiment, stating the importance of creating genuine connections with others. Niki and Kane also advised careful use of social media, with Kane posing an interesting question to the group: Imagine if you used just one hour of time each week, usually spent on social media, building genuine, face to face connections with others?

The evening concluded with a game of networking bingo, which, in keeping with the goal of the Australian Water Association to create a network of water professionals, spawned many spirited conversations between young professionals at the beginning of their water career journey and more established industry professionals alike. 

The SA YWP Committee would like to thank SA’s water community for their continuing support of YWP events!
Networking Nexus
Networking Nexus