Queensland AWA Young Water Professionals Survey Results 2018

This survey is run biennially by the Australian Water Association's Queensland Young Water Professionals (YWP) Committee to develop the next two years of support for Queensland’s YWPs. This survey was conducted to determine as accurately as possible the barriers and workplace support that YWPs currently experience, as well as what kind of support (from the Australian Water Association) would be desirable to YWPs moving forward. These objectives were reflected in a “4 question” format used in this survey. 

The YWP committee attempted to engage a range of different age groups, in a range of different water-related fields, to contribute to the data collection. The survey was aimed more towards persons affiliated with the water industry with various levels of experience. As experience is a spectrum, for the purposes of this survey, people with less than 10 years’ experience and under the age of 35 years old, were classified as ‘younger’. Participants with more than 10 years’ experience, who are older than 35 years of age were classified as ‘older’. A total of 42 people completed the survey this year which is just over 50% of the number of participants in the last survey of 2016. This lower level of engagement may be indicative of a hurdle that the water industry faces in engaging young water professionals, or the methods being used to attempt engagement that may be outdated. 57% of survey participants had 0-10 years’ experience (younger) in the industry and 35% had 10+ years’ experience in the industry (older). The missing margin was difficult to quantify due to the inadequacy of the information provided.

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