Board of Directors


Board of Directors - Overview

Francois Gouws


Francois Gouws PMAWA

AWA Member since 2008
Managing Director

Peter Moore

Immediate Past President

Peter Moore PSM PMAWA

AWA member since 1972
P D Moore Consulting, WA

Louise Dudley

Louise Dudley PMAWA

AWA Member since 2012
Chief Executive Officer
Queensland Urban Utilities, QLD

Jurg Keller

Jurg Keller PMAWA

AWA Member since 1993
Chief Research Officer, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
and Deputy Director Research,
Advanced Water Management Centre
University of Queensland, QLD

Carmel Krogh

Carmel Krogh PMAWA

AWA Member since 1989
Director Shoalhaven Water
Shoalhaven City Council, NSW

Jeremy LucasJeremy Lucas PMAWA

AWA member since 1998
Manager Performance and Innovation
SA Water, SA


Mike Muntisov

Mike Muntisov PMAWA

AWA Member since 1997
MK Group, VIC

Malcolm Shepherd

Mal Shepherd PMAWA

AWA Member since 2007
General Manager – Water Services 
John Holland, QLD

Fabiana Tessele

Fabiana Tessele PMAWA

AWA Member since 2012
Tessele Consultants, WA

Garth Walter

Garth Walter PMAWA

AWA Member since 2007
Alliance General Manager for Programmed Facility Management, Programmed Group, WA



Incoming Board of Directors (From Thursday 9 May, 2019)

The Australian Water Association's Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting and Annual General Meeting (AGM) were held on Wednesday, 24 October in Brisbane. The SAC nominated, and the AGM ratified, the following appointments of directors for the next two years commencing at Ozwater next May:

• President: Francois Gouws – Managing Director, TRILITY (Will become Immediate Past President at Ozwater’19)
• President-elect: Carmel Krogh – Director, Shoalhaven Water (Will become President at Ozwater’19)

• Jim Athanas – Managing Director, Xylem Oceania
• Peter Dennis – CEO, Hunter H2O
• Louise Dudley – CEO, Queensland Urban Utilities
• Sandra Hall – Operations and Business Development Manager, Advanced Water Management Centre, University of Queensland
• Jurg Keller – Chief Research Officer, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, and Deputy Director, Advanced Water Management Centre, University of Queensland
• Jeremy Lucas – Customer and Business Systems Manager, Allwater/SA Water
• Daniel Sullivan – General Manager, Commercialisation Chief IOTA Services, South East Water

This new board takes office next May at the Ozwater'19 Board Meeting. Until then, the current Board remains in office.