Vision and Mission

Our vision 

To be the essential association for people and organisations working together to achieve a sustainable water future. 

Our mission

To foster knowledge, understanding and advancement in sustainable water management – its science, practice and policy – through advocacy, collaboration and professional development.  

The Australian Water Association strives to deliver on its Mission by: 
  • Being the hub for water professionals 
  • Providing a knowledge network  
  • Leading the conversation on water issues

Our values

What is our Culture? How do we do things at the Australian Water Association? 
Credible - We act with integrity for our members and community to help educate, support and promote sustainable water use
Passionate - We are motivated to share quality information and recognise the contributions of our water experts and enthusiasts
Collaborative - We encourage a culture of teamwork and extended valuable networks to build enduring relationships and unity 
Innovative - We are driven to be creative, agile, embracing change and scientific advancements

Read our business plan to learn more about us.