National Water Week 2018

Save the date: 21-27 October 2018

National Water Week 2017

Water - the Heart of our Culture

What’s National Water Week?

Each October, National Water Week makes a splash right across Australia, inspiring individuals, communities and organisations to work together to build community awareness and understanding around water related topics and challenges.

National Water Week provides an opportunity to remind ourselves and teach others that access to clean water is hugely important to every aspect of our lives, and we must do our utmost to protect our water environments and resources, use water wisely and respect its importance in our societies.

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National Water Week story

 National Water Week Story
  National Water Week Story
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 National Water Week Story
   National Water Week Story
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What’s happening in 2017?

This year's National Water Week theme is ‘Water – the Heart of our Culture’. This theme encourages young people to explore how water shapes our everyday lives through recreational activities, the natural world and our community values.

National Water Week 2017 is a call to action, challenging us all to make changes to our day-to-day lives to protect this essential resource which shapes almost everything we do. It also gives us a huge opportunity to start conversations and encourage people to learn more about the technologies and the people that keep our taps running and ensure Australia has a sustainable water future to support our economy and our communities.

Below are some events taking place during National Water Week.

Photo Competition, Smart WaterMark - 15 October to 14 November
Imagine the Yarra Community Events, Melbourne Water - 14, 15, 21, 22 October
Water Stories at the Library & Catchment to Tap Water Tour, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council - 16-19 October
Let's Thrive Roadshow, Tamworth Regional Council - 15-21 October
Lake Burley Griffin Water Week Challenge Cup, AROC Sport & Australian Government - 15 October
Australia's Best Tasting Tap Water Competition, WIOA - 18 October
Lennox Head Wastewater Treatment Plant Open Day, Ballina Water - 18 October
Photo Competition, Penrith City Council - entries close 18 October
Community Information Stall & Poster Competition, North East Water - 19 October
WA Water Awards, Australian Water Association - 20 October
Wetland Walk and Talk in Darebin, Merri Creek Management Committee - 21 October
Poster Competition, South East Water - winners announced during National Water Week
Amateur Photo Competition, City of Cockburn - entries close 6 October, winners announced during National Water Week 
'Can't Flush This' Poster Competition, TasWater - winners announced during National Water Week
Photography Competition, Shoalhaven Water - entries close 13 October
Poster Competition, Central Highlands Water
Poster Competition, Gippsland Water
Poster Competition, Lower Murray Water

How do I get involved?

In the run up to National Water Week, we will share resources, ideas and stories on this webpage (so be sure to scroll all the way down the page!), our social media platforms and in our member news channels to inspire you to create your own National Water Week activity under the theme of ‘Water – the Heart of our Culture’.

It’s your week so you can shape your own unique event to engage your school, college, workplace, community, family or friends in the water issues that matter to you.

What have you got planned for National Water Week? Tell us what you’re up to and we’ll promote it to encourage others to follow your lead.

Promote your event

Add your logo to the posters below and use them to promote your National Water Week activity or event to your local community.

National Water Week Poster
Download the poster (PDF)


National Water Week Poster
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National Water Week Poster
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National Water Week Poster
Download the poster (PDF)

Colouring posters

Educational resources for students and teachers

The below links offer a huge variety of water education resources, as does the Australian Water Association’s Teacher Resources page. These are your first port of call for inspiration, materials and guidance about creating an interesting and informative National Water Week activity!


Articles to promote water education to young people

Informing young people about the importance of water and how to be water wise is key to securing our water future. Have a read of these articles to find out about recent work in water education and teaching young people about their role in making sure we have enough water in the future.

Teenager invents device to produce clean water in developing countries
Younger generations are our water sustainability allies
New water education centre paves the way for better community engagement 
Ballina turns to recycled water 
The power of poo 
Fido joins the fight against hidden water leaks 
Community participation in water management 
New online portal lets students discover STEM 
Bottled water no better than tap 
Public encouraged to reduce water pollution with new campaign 
STEM Education and the Water Industry 
Australia must change its approach to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 
New perspectives on recycled water 

The role of the Association in National Water Week

The Australian Water Association is the national coordinator for National Water Week. We encourage water industry organisations, schools and communities to create, take part in and promote National Water Week events, activities and educational resources.

We provide a suite of resources (posters, logos, colouring sheets, etc.) to help you create your events and we showcase your activities to our networks to spread the word and share your successes. If you have any queries about National Water Week you can contact us and we will be happy to help!

Past National Water Week themes

2016 - Water, life, growth
2015 – Water innovation for future generations
2014 – There are more sources than you think
2013 – Liveable communities
2012 – Valuing our water
2011 – Healthy Catchments, Healthy Communities
2010 – Many sources, many uses, everyone’s responsibilities
2009 – Securing our Water Future
2008 – Clean Water Essential for Life
2007 – Water for Life